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Mechanism of End-to-End Online KYC verification

Most institutions carried out KYC verification manually before the advent of online banking and progressively later. Besides KYC verification at the bank branch, customers must have proof of their identity and provide many details about their names and addresses to the bank employee. This information was verified and passed to various other authorities.

    Go to a bank branch

    Fill out the KYC form

    Include identification and address proofs

    Submit biometric data

    Wait a few days for KYC representatives to check your application

Customers are now able to submit their identity documentation along with their utility bills, proof of address, and photo ID in an identification process that is much simpler or automated. Typically, this procedure is known as identification verification.

Digital KYC includes:

    Customers access the bank's application or website.

    Enter their information according to their IDs.

    Upload a picture of the identification documents should be attached.

    Submit the application

    Get verification results within just a short while.

Offline and online are the most common methods for customer identity verification. However, with the increase in technology and improved identification of online customers, other sorts of online identity verification methods have surfaced. Live Video Interview KYC is one of these recently implemented procedures.

Pixl’s reliable video call-based interview verification process is creating an obstacle for identity fraud making it extremely difficult for fraudsters to commit any form of fraud. It is a highly powerful security tool that supports organisations in developing a simple and secure online identity procedure.

Video KYC for Online Payment Sectors

Rather than having to gather identification evidence in person, online payments can do so remotely. E-wallets and digital payment players can expand their markets and penetrate uncharted territories without spending a lot of money while ensuring customer convenience at the same time.

Interview principles


Integrates video KYC software with a dynamic user queue and is suitable for any device. Our on-site personnel can handle the entire process at any time.

Document checks


Allow the document to be checked in real-time, or ask for verification prior to the start of the discussion if you would prefer additional security. Alternatively, permit a physical inspection of the document during the interview as well.

Off-the-Rack Process


You can select practical guidance from our legal specialists and create a script demographically suited to you, on demand for policy preparation services. After the KYC interview, the operator's and the user's recordings, and share with your regulators.