Video KYC Solution For Online Identity Verification

Pixl Video KYC Solution is designed to transform your customer onboarding process from start to finish. It has features like liveness detection, OCR, and geotagging, which make the process faster, more scalable, and more secure. It works well for banks, NBFCs, mutual funds, insurance, logistics, telecom companies, mobile wallets, and Fintech companies. It ensures a smooth customer experience and helps to detect identity and financial fraud during the onboarding phase.

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What Is Video KYC

Video KYC serves as a virtual approach to conducting face-to-face identity verification, a valuable resource employed by businesses to authenticate customers' identities through video calls facilitated by agents. Within this interaction, customers furnish their identity documents to establish and validate their personal information. Video KYC streamlines the KYC process, affording customers the ease of finalizing it from the comfort of their residences. With just a few simple clicks, customers can initiate and finalize the video KYC procedure, subsequently affirming their identity through a prearranged video session.


Complete on-premises deployment

Our video KYC solution can be deployed on your own servers, giving you complete control over your data and ensuring that all sensitive information is kept secure and protected.


Face Match Comparison

Our AI algorithms can compare a customer's face to the photo on their government-issued identity document to ensure that the person in the video call is who they claim to be.


Geo-location capture and IP check

We capture the customer's geo-location and perform an IP check to ensure they are where they claim to be, helping prevent fraud and unauthorized access.


End-to-end encryption for video

Our solution uses state-of-the-art encryption to ensure that all data exchanged during the video call is secure and protected from unauthorized access.


Unlimited video storage and instant retrieval

Our solution offers unlimited video storage, allowing you to store and retrieve video recordings as needed for compliance purposes.


Battling Security Threats

Our solution is designed to detect and prevent security threats, including fake identity documents and pre-recorded videos, ensuring that your business is protected from fraud and other illicit activities.


Document upload option

Our solution allows customers to upload additional documents, such as proof of address or proof of income, to verify their identity further and prevent fraud.


Real-Time Officially Valid Document (OVD) Verification

Our solution can instantly verify the authenticity of government-issued identity documents, ensuring that your business is complying with regulatory requirements.


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Pixl Dual Modes of KYC Verification

Self-Service EKYC

Our Self-Service eKYC Solution empowers users to independently record videos and seamlessly navigate the entire identity verification process, ensuring the utmost integrity and accuracy

No.1 Video KYC Verification

Assisted KYC Verification

Through Agent Assisted KYC Verification, users can engage in real-time identity verification with the guidance of trained agents, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience from beginning to end.

Complete digital customer onboarding experience using Our Video KYC Suite

#1 Video KYC Solution fully compliant with RBI and SEBI standards.

video kyc solution

Customer Authentication

Verify customer identities through a smooth online process, eliminating the need for in-person visits.

Document Capture and Verification

Capture and validate identity documents securely and conveniently, enhancing data protection.

Live Photo Capture

Ensure real-time authenticity with live photo capture, preventing fraudulent attempts.

Liveliness Check

Employ advanced technology to detect and prevent the use of static images during verification.

Location Check

Verify the customer's location to ensure compliance and prevent unauthorized access.

Blacklist Check

Safeguard against risks by checking individuals against restricted lists in real time.

Real-time OCR

Utilize real-time OCR to swiftly extract and verify document information for accuracy.

Face Matching

Conduct precise face matching to verify the person's identity against official documents.

Signature Extraction and Verification

Extract and verify signatures for a reliable and comprehensive identity validation process.

Video Compression

Video compression aims to enhance data transmission and storage efficiency by reducing file .

Benefits Of Our Video KYC Software

Reducing KYC turnaround time (TAT)

Reads the texts from low quality images with better accuracy

No third-party service dependency

Multi-channel Integration

Remotely Onboard Customers


Quick, Easy & Instant service to Customers

Adhere to Regulatory Compliance

Unlimited Video Storage and Instant Retrieval

100% Compliant with Latest RBI Mandate

Enhanced Customer Experience

Reduction in Customer Drop-Offs

Key Features Of Using Our Video KYC Solution

simple to setup API


Our API setup is designed to be uncomplicated and user-friendly, ensuring an easy integration process. With a wide range of available integrations, you'll find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Expert Solution for Video KYC


Elevate your identity verification with our sophisticated video KYC platform, powered by artificial intelligence and OCR technologies. During live video calls, OCR captures identity document data for a seamless process.



Experience heightened security and simplified onboarding at a lower cost. Our video-assisted KYC enhances security measures while reducing the expenses associated with appeals processes.

KYC check with AML


Stay compliant with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations through our KYC procedure. We uphold the legal obligation of KYC standards, conducting thorough due diligence to gather essential customer information.

Offering High-security Identity Verification


Ensure top-notch security and digital growth for your business by adopting our video call-based identity verification system. Elevate your reputation, increase revenue, and offer a superior customer experience.

In-person Identity Verification Process


Pixl provides detailed, auditable guidelines for virtual in-person identity proofing. Validate IDs through live video calls, personally verified by trained staff, maintaining compliance and authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, advanced Video KYC solutions employ AI algorithms to detect deep fake videos and spoof attempts. They analyze facial and voice biometrics, along with other factors, to identify authenticity and flag suspicious activities.

Video KYC solutions are designed with robust data privacy features. They typically include encryption, consent management, and data retention controls to comply with regulations like GDPR. Additionally, some solutions offer on-premises deployment options for added control.

Video KYC solutions often integrate with customer databases and utilize OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to auto-fill customer information, making the onboarding process faster. Additionally, some offer e-signature capabilities, further reducing paperwork and friction.

Yes, Video KYC is adaptable to high-risk transactions and industries. Some solutions provide enhanced due diligence features, including background checks, document verification, and risk profiling, making them suitable for sectors like finance, gaming, and cryptocurrency.

Yes, many Video KYC providers offer customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the verification process to their specific needs. This includes defining the sequence of steps, required documentation, and additional security checks.

Cloud-based Video KYC solutions are scalable, require minimal infrastructure, and offer automatic updates and maintenance. They can be accessed from anywhere, making them more flexible and cost-effective compared to on-premises solutions.

Video KYC employs real-time verification, biometric authentication, and fraud detection algorithms to thwart identity theft and account takeovers. It adds an extra layer of security by ensuring that the person presenting the identity matches the provided documents.