What is Video KYC

Video KYC is an online method for face-to-face identity verification that is used by organizations for customer identification through a video call with the assistance of an agent. During the call, the customer provides the identity documents to verify their identity. Video KYC lets customers complete the KYC procedure conveniently from their homes. The customer can submit and complete the video KYC with just a few clicks and confirm their identity via a scheduled video.

Real-Time PAN

Real-Time PAN Verification

Secure real-time customer PAN and Aadhaar verification using OCR with checks to support compliance as part of the main workflow.


Complete on premises deployment

All the data are stored on-premises without any third-party cloud services to provide an encrypted connection, centralized, and secured storage for the recorded video KYC.

Facial Recognition

Real-Time Facial Recognition

Compare the Person on a Video call with photo on docs with accuracy 98.2% accuracy and Real-time liveness check to ensure the customer is actually present (no photo of a photo) and the real document is actually shown (no digital copy).

Geo-Location tagging

Geo-Location tagging

The live location of the customer shall be captured to ensure that customer is physically present in India. Location is checked to be within India as per regulation.

Document Upload Option

Document Upload Option

Real-time document validation and verification with registered databases for the uploaded docs

End-to-End encryption

End-to-End encryption for video

Realtime secured and end-to-end encrypted audiovisual interaction with the customer

Benefits of Video KYC Solutions

Make sure to choose the top video KYC service providers to assist with digitizing your customer verification process so that you can quickly finish KYC verification while giving the greatest experience for customers at a lower cost and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Remote Customer Onboarding

  • Unlimited Video Storage and Instant Retrieval

  • Faster KYC Completions

  • 100% Compliant with Latest RBI Mandate

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Higher Application Accuracy

  • Reduction in Customer Drop-Offs


Onboard your customer within seconds

Pixl’s Video KYC solution offers top-notch security features to prevent data theft and maintain customer’s privacy. Our Artificial Intelligence-based authentication system will help you verify your customers’ information instantly in a smooth and secure way.

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Key Features of
Using Our Video KYC Solution

simple to setup API
simple to setup API
Uncomplicated and easy to use, and our integration process is simple enough. We design a straightforward and user-friendly API. We also have a wide range of integrations available, so there's sure to be a fit for your needs.
Expert Solution for Video KYC
Expert Solution for Video KYC
Manual KYC can be significantly outperformed by a highly sophisticated service of video KYC linked with artificial intelligence and OCR technologies. OCR can be used to acquire identity document data during a live video call.
More Affordable than Traditional KYC Process
More Affordable than Traditional KYC Process
Our video-assisted KYC procedure strengthens the security of companies while simplifying the onboarding process and lowering the cost of managing an appeals process.
KYC check with AML (anti-money laundering)
KYC check with AML (anti-money laundering)
Preventative step against anti-money laundering (AML), the KYC procedure is a legal obligation. In accordance with KYC standards, reasonable due diligence is required to learn the crucial details about each customer.
Offering High-security Identity Verification
Offering High-security Identity Verification
Protect Your business's security and digital growth by ensuring a video call-based identity verification system with the Enhancement of business reputation and revenue with a best-in-class customer experience.
In-person Identity Verification Process
In-person Identity Verification Process
Pixl offers step-by-step guidelines to make the process of virtual in-person identity proofing compliant and auditable. Live proofing of identity verification via a simple video call session allows users to validate their IDs by trained staff in person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Aadhaar card has been added to the list of recognized proofs required for verification. Video KYC entails recording a live photo of the individual with official and valid KYC documents, such as the Aadhaar card or any other official or valid signature-based KYC document, and this is done by following the procedures of a trained official.

The user must bring along only one ID document during a Video KYC call. A physical PAN card is an acceptable means of displaying a PAN number. Due to potential security concerns, we are unable to accept a digital copy of an e-PAN card.

RBI mandates that concurrent inspections take place simultaneously with VCIP to minimize policy and procedural errors. Additionally, the Video KYC Process usually takes approximately 10 minutes.

You cannot finish your KYC procedure, you can complete it at the very same URL that was directed over email and SMS to you.

You may choose to submit an application and schedule a KYC inspection anytime, excluding bank holidays.

Providing us with location access will allow us to figure out your location. This is required for some verification purposes only and will not be passed on to any other party. (To be able to verify that you are in India, you have to be in India with location access.)

No, but you don't need your physical Aadhaar card. You will need your Aadhaar number, and you need to download an Aadhaar offline eKYC file from the UIDAI website and upload it during your V-CIP for verification purposes.