Digital eKYC & AML Verification Solution for Uganda

Pixl provides advanced eKYC software in Uganda that meets regulatory requirements and simplifies the process of remotely onboarding customers for businesses. Our software guarantees a seamless onboarding journey while strictly adhering to KYC and AML regulations. Furthermore, we provide specialized low-bandwidth solutions tailored for financial institutions operating in regions with limited connectivity. Our software is designed specifically for Ugandan businesses, prioritizing convenience and compliance to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Overview of Pixl Digital eKYC Verification

Digital eKYC Verification is a modern and efficient solution tailored for the Uganda region, designed to verify customers' identities using electronic methods. This innovative approach replaces cumbersome paper-based verification with digital processes, enabling businesses to remotely and swiftly authenticate their customers' identities in a secure manner. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, companies can ensure adherence to regulatory standards while delivering a seamless onboarding experience for users, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and improving operational efficiency.

Assisted eKYC Verification

The Pixl-Assisted eKYC solution simplifies the process of customer verification for businesses through the utilization of cutting-edge technology and human authentication. While it streamlines the verification procedure for typical cases, it employs human oversight in instances of greater complexity. This helps businesses have a reliable eKYC process that combines automation and human expertise.

Self-service eKYC Solution

Our automated eKYC system streamlines the verification process, eliminating the need for human intervention. Employing advanced algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, it ensures precise customer identity verification. Experience a seamless and trouble-free eKYC journey with our Unassisted solution.

Our Digital eKYC Solution makes customer onboarding easier and more efficient.

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Document Data Extraction

With our efficient OCR tool, effortlessly extract crucial identity details like names, addresses, and dates of birth from scanned files or digital images. This swift process saves valuable time and enables rapid retrieval of critical data.


Facial Verification

Experience heightened security and authenticity with real-time facial matching during video calls, ensuring alignment between the presented identity and the provided document. This immediate validation introduces an additional level of confidence into customer interactions, bolstering overall trust in the verification procedure.


OVD Checks

Utilize the dependability of Uganda's governmental data repositories to verify the integrity and precision of documents, guaranteeing the protection, safety, and confidentiality of identity authentication.


Live Interaction

Participate in live interactions with customers during the session, incorporating random questions to evaluate the authenticity of the video KYC information. This proactive step elevates the verification process, ensuring the legitimacy and genuineness of the customer's identity.


Multi-layered Authentication

By utilizing Liveness Detection, Uganda organizations can proactively monitor transactions and detect signs of fraud or abuse. This multi-layered approach empowers them to mitigate potential security risks and ensure the honesty and truthfulness of their valued customers.

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Improved Response Time

Ensure exceptional customer service by promptly addressing inquiries and extending a helping hand. Pixl empowers you to address customer concerns more effectively, facilitating efficient and timely issue resolution.

Benefits of Digital eKYC Software

Remote and Secure Customer Onboarding
Streamlined New Account Opening
High-Assurance Transactions
Compliance with Regulatory Standards
Robust Security Measures
Building Security
Complete Automated Journey
Instant Verification
Most Trusted by People

Simplify and meet your eKYC needs easily with our complete platform

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End-to-End Interaction Platform

Integrate Pixl eKYC software vendors to elevate your customers' experience through personalized interactions, enhancing overall satisfaction.

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Rapid Implementation

Pixl's identity verification service enables quick integration with your banking systems, taking only a matter of days compared to lengthy setups required by other banking software configurations. It serves as the perfect option for companies aiming for a rapid setup, and our intuitive eKYC solution effortlessly harmonizes with current systems, accommodating businesses of varying scales.


Customizable AI for Seamless Onboarding

Our team is developing AI models that can operate in real-time, even in low bandwidth environments and on low-end devices. Our flexibility enables us to swiftly address emerging challenges and function seamlessly across a diverse array of devices, guaranteeing effortless onboarding experiences.


Industry-Specific APIs

Our API supports various sectors and effortlessly integrates with customer management software, reducing risk and enhancing productivity. Such convenience allows for the automated gathering of data and information, thereby simplifying various procedures.

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