Passport OCR API for South Africa

Pixl's Passport OCR API provides a robust and precise solution for extracting data from passports. This API enables organizations to effortlessly and accurately capture information from passports, ensuring data accuracy and reliability. With Pixl's Passport OCR API, businesses can streamline their data extraction processes with confidence and precision.

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Passport OCR API Solution

Introducing Passport Data Extraction Software

Pixl has developed Passport OCR API for South Africa that makes it easy to extract important information from passports. This API focuses on getting accurate details like name, gender, date of birth, place of origin, photo, signature, and other identification info. Our goal is to make the onboarding process faster and more reliable for businesses, so they can quickly verify customer identities. By using Pixl's Passport OCR API, you can speed up the process of bringing on new clients and improve security by reducing the risk of fraud. Incorporate our API into your identity verification process for precise and efficient passport data extraction.

Unique Features of Pixl's Passport OCR Solution

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Fast & Smooth Processing

Pixl's OCR software API offers fast document processing. It can handle various types of documents like receipts, invoices, contracts, and passports. The technology is advanced and can provide results within 0.5 to 4 seconds, depending on the file type. With Pixl's image and text recognition API, you can now have real-time OCR without any waiting.

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Real-time OCR with SDK

If you require real-time automatic text recognition in your applications, our OCR SDK is the solution for you. By integrating the Pixl SDK, you can effortlessly process documents on any device, with conversion to structured data taking as little as 0.5 to 2 seconds.

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Multi-language text recognition

Pixl is not hindered by language diversity. Other OCR models are good at English but struggle with other languages because of limited training data and rules. Traditional OCR is risky for multilingual documents like government forms. Pixl guarantees accurate recognition in different languages, avoiding problems.

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Blurred scanned documents

Blurry scanned documents can be a problem. Traditional OCR models struggle with noisy images, leading to incorrect results, especially when distinguishing characters like '8' from 'B' or 'A' from '4'. Pixl uses Deep Learning techniques and advanced image processing tools to effectively handle these challenges, ensuring accurate text recognition even in less-than-perfect scanned documents.

Use Cases Passport OCR API


Immigration and Border Control

South African immigration authorities can use the Passport OCR API to expedite the process of verifying travelers' identities at border crossings and airports. This would help enhance security and streamline the entry and exit procedures.


Hotel Check-ins

Hotels and accommodation providers can integrate the API into their check-in systems to quickly and accurately capture guest passport information, ensuring a smooth check-in experience while complying with legal requirements.


Car Rental Services

Car rental companies can utilize the Passport OCR API to verify the identity of customers before renting vehicles, helping prevent fraudulent rentals and ensuring the safety of their fleet.


Financial Institutions

Our South Africa Passport Verification and OCR Solution API strictly adheres to global compliance standards, ensuring that your identity verification processes align with industry regulations. This commitment allows you to uphold a high level of security and trust while verifying South Africa passports.



Our OCR technology can transcribe patients' medical records, including their health history and prescribed medications. This saves time by reducing manual tasks. The technology can also convert prescription slips, lab notebooks, and clinical trial data into digital formats for secure patient record management.


Travel Agencies

Travel agencies can use the Passport OCR API to assist customers with visa applications, accurately extracting passport details required for visa processing, ensuring accuracy and compliance with visa requirements.

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Unlock the power of precision and efficiency with our Passport OCR API. Streamline identity verification, enhance security, and elevate your user experience today. Embrace innovation with Pixl's Passport OCR API – your gateway to seamless, accurate passport data extraction.

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