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Improve your HR and recruitment operations by integrating our AI-powered Resume Parsing Software.

Our API extracts and screens data from resumes and CVs, improving candidate management and search capabilities. No more tedious and lengthy application forms.

HR management can achieve an 80% job application completion rate.

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What is Resume Parsing Solution Do?

Resume parsing, in essence, is the automated storage, organisation, and analysis of job resumes. It's a pivotal tool for companies, as it efficiently identifies crucial keywords, skills, and other relevant information. This enables organisations to effectively sift through a vast pool of applications and pinpoint the most qualified candidates. Our Resume Parsing Software API harnesses the power of advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to achieve this, simplifying the process and ultimately saving valuable time and resources.

Benefits of Using the Resume Parser Tool


Multi-format Support

Our API can handle various resume formats, including PDF, doc, docx, HTML, RTF and more. You can even parse resumes from emails and web forms.


Unrestricted & Template-Free

Not setup with specific templates or rules. Our Resume Capture API automatically extracts info, no matter the design. Just tell it what you need


Unified Experience

Resume parsing will streamline the collection, export, storage, and management of resume data.


Multilingual resumes

We can automatically detect regions and languages while parsing.


Resume classification

Automatic classification of documents to resumes, cover letters and other categories.


In-House OCR (Text Recognition)

Entrust all your HR documentation to the expertise of Pixl OCR, your dedicated in-house specialist.

Fields Extracted from Resumes

Our software extracts important information from resumes, providing comprehensive candidate details. It can be customised for specific recruitment needs, helping with decision-making and hiring. Here are some key fields our system captures efficiently.


Contact Information

Get access to candidates' names, phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses.

Work Experience

Extract details of candidates' past employment, including job titles, company names, dates of employment, and job descriptions.

Education History

Capture candidates' educational qualifications, such as degrees, institutions, graduation dates, and majors

Skills and Expertise

Identify specific skills, competencies, and certifications mentioned by candidates.

Professional Summary

Obtain a concise summary of candidates' career objectives and qualifications


Extract references provided by candidates for background checks.

Languages Spoken

Identify languages candidates are proficient in, including fluency levels.

Licences and Certifications

Capture information about licences, certifications, and professional memberships.

Publications and Projects

Identify any publications, research, or notable projects candidates have been involved in.

Additional Information

Extract any additional details candidates may provide, such as awards, honours, or volunteer work.

Social Media Profiles

Discover candidates' LinkedIn profiles and other relevant social media links

Keywords and Tags

Identify keywords and tags that can help categorise and search for candidates efficiently.

AI Models to Automatically Extract & Organise Data from Resumes or CVs

AI-enabled resume parser used in the recruitment industry. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to do more than just extract data from resumes. It can respond like a super-human, making it seem like a real person is doing the job. One great feature is that it can sort resumes into different job roles, making it easier to find the right candidates for each position. This saves time and makes the resume evaluation process more accurate and efficient. It's changing the way businesses hire people.


Customised Candidate Engagement

Automated messaging systems use AI to analyse candidate profiles, skills, and work history. They then send personalised messages to potential candidates, increasing the chances of their active participation and prompt responses.


Resume Parsing and Screening

AI Models can automate resume parsing and screening. AI models extract important details from resumes, like skills, qualifications, and work history, and match them with job requirements. This saves time for recruiters and improves the screening process.


Candidate Ranking and Shortlisting

Our AI algorithms can assess candidate profiles, skills, and qualifications to determine if they are suitable for the role. Recruiters can use this tool to quickly identify and shortlist the best candidates for further evaluation.


Customised Categories

Our AI Models allows organisations to create custom categories for resume classification. This means you can classify resumes based on specific job roles, departments, or skill sets, tailoring the process to your unique hiring needs.


Resume Summarization

Our AI can generate concise summaries of resumes, highlighting key qualifications, experiences, and skills. This feature assists recruiters in quickly assessing candidates and matching them to job requirements.


Keyword Search

Pixl provides detailed, auditable guidelines for virtual in-person identity proofing. Validate IDs through live video calls, personally verified by trained staff, maintaining compliance and authenticity.

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How does this work?

Just need 3 Easy Steps to Forge AI-based Resume Parser


Whether it's sending emails or handling a variety of file formats (including PDF, HTML, TXT, DOCX, XML, MD, and JSON), you have the flexibility to do so by either manually uploading them or effortlessly importing via our API

Write a prompt

Simply type what information you want to retrieve in a casual way, no need for complicated templates or rules for extracting.


Instantly transmit the parsed structured information to Google Sheets, webhooks, or your preferred platform in real-time.

Why Choose Us ?

Save Time and Resources

By automating the resume parsing process, you can reduce manual data entry and free up your HR team's time for more strategic tasks.

Improve Hiring Efficiency

Quickly identify top candidates by searching for specific skills, qualifications, or experience.

Enhance Candidate Experience

Streamline your application process, ensuring a smoother experience for candidates.

Stay Compliant

Our API is designed to help you adhere to privacy and data protection regulations.