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Experience superior cost efficiency with Pixl's Receipt OCR. Capture and accurately parse receipts from across the globe in just seconds using our receipt scanner API. Our technology leverages deep learning to automatically extract crucial data from your PDFs or receipt photos, saving you time and money. Whether you're in finance or running retail loyalty campaigns, Pixl's Receipt OCR software can scan and process receipt data swiftly to meet your needs.

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Field we are Capturing from Receipts


The API captures a collection of information from your PDFs or images of receipts, encompassing

The Field for Extracting Receipt Information

Merchant Name

Merchant Address

Transaction Date

Transaction Time

Expense category

Purchase Items

Line items



Total Amount

Payment Method

Receipt Number

Cashier or Employee Name

Payment Reference

Store/Branch Number

Customer Information

Terms and Conditions

Barcode or QR Code

Website or Contact Information

Logo or Branding

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Scenarios where you can utilize our Receipt OCR API


Expense Tracking Apps and Software

Many expense tracking applications integrate Receipt OCR APIs to allow users to capture and store digital copies of their receipts. Users can simply take a photo of a receipt, and the OCR technology extracts essential information like the date, merchant, and total amount, making expense tracking seamless.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Businesses employ Receipt OCR APIs to automate the entry of financial data from receipts into accounting and bookkeeping software. This minimizes manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring accurate financial records.

Inventory Management

Retailers and e-commerce businesses leverage Receipt OCR to streamline inventory management. Scanning and extracting data from purchase receipts helps keep track of stock levels, making it easier to reorder products when needed.


Expense Reports

Employees in various industries use Receipt OCR API to create expense reports. Instead of manually inputting receipts, they can scan them, and the OCR system populates the expense report with the necessary details.


Compliance and Auditing

Companies in regulated industries use Receipt OCR to maintain compliance and facilitate auditing processes. The technology ensures that all receipts are documented accurately and in accordance with industry standards.


Supplier Invoices

Invoicing systems integrate Receipt OCR to process supplier invoices more efficiently. This reduces the need for manual data entry and speeds up payment processes.

Paperless Offices

Organizations aiming to go paperless use Receipt OCR to convert physical receipts and documents into digital formats. This not only saves physical storage space but also makes information more accessible.


Automated Data Entry

In data-intensive industries, Receipt OCR APIs are used for automated data entry from receipts into databases. This accelerates data processing and analysis.


Medical Billing

Healthcare facilities utilize Receipt OCR to handle medical billing, extracting information from invoices and receipts related to patient treatments and insurance claims.


Audit Trails

In the legal and financial sectors, Receipt OCR is used to maintain audit trails. It helps ensure transparency in financial transactions and legal proceedings.

Reasons to Choose Our Receipt Data Extraction?

Simplicity Redefined

Gone are the days of complicated expense tracking and hours spent on data entry. With SmartReceipt, you can effortlessly capture, store, and manage your receipts with a few simple clicks. Our user-friendly interface makes it a breeze for anyone to navigate

Seamless Receipt Capture

Say goodbye to the clutter and confusion of paper receipts. SmartReceipt categorizes your expenses, making it easy to track and manage your spending. You can even add notes and tags for better organization.

Accurate and Reliable

No more manual errors or misplaced receipts. SmartReceipt ensures the accuracy of your expense data, helping you maintain financial clarity. It’s your reliable digital ledger.

Cloud Integration

Access your receipts anytime, anywhere, from any device. Our software seamlessly integrates with popular cloud services, ensuring your data is securely backed up and readily available.

Compliance and Security

Rest easy knowing that your sensitive financial data is in safe hands. SmartReceipt adheres to the highest security standards, keeping your information protected.

Reporting and Analytics

Make informed financial decisions with our comprehensive reporting and analytics features. SmartReceipt empowers you with insights into your spending patterns and helps you budget more effectively.

Cost-Effective Solution

SmartReceipt not only saves you time but also money. No need to invest in expensive hardware or hire additional staff for data entry. It's the cost-effective solution you've been waiting for.

Line Item Details

SmartReceipt goes the extra mile by capturing not just the total amount, but also the granular line-item details on your receipts. This level of precision ensures that you have a comprehensive view of your expenses, making it a breeze to identify and categorize specific purchases.

Global Language & Currency Support

We understand that businesses and individuals operate on a global scale. That's why SmartReceipt offers robust support for multiple languages and currencies. No matter where you are or who you're dealing with, our software adapts to your needs, ensuring your receipts are accurately processed and understood.

Developer-Friendly Solution

For developers seeking to integrate receipt management into their applications, SmartReceipt offers a seamless and well-documented API. With our developer-friendly solution, you can effortlessly harness the power of receipt capture and management, enhancing the functionality of your software or platform.

Benefits of Pixls receipt OCR API

Enhanced Compliance

Receipt OCR APIs can help businesses maintain strict compliance with tax and financial regulations. By accurately capturing and organizing data, it ensures that businesses can easily meet reporting requirements.

Global Recognition

Our Receipt OCR APIs are designed to recognize receipts from various countries and in different languages. This global recognition capability makes them valuable for businesses operating internationally.

Data Analytics

Receipt OCR APIs can provide valuable insights by analyzing spending patterns and expenses. This data can be used for strategic decision-making and budget optimization.

Seamless Mobile Integration

Many APIs offer mobile integration, allowing employees and users to capture and process receipts on the go. This is especially useful for sales teams, field personnel, or frequent travelers.

Real-time Processing

Some APIs provide real-time processing, allowing businesses to get immediate access to financial data. This is crucial for scenarios that require quick decision-making.

Reduced Paper Usage

By digitizing receipts, businesses reduce paper waste and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Automated Reconciliation

Receipt OCR APIs can automate the reconciliation process by matching receipts with corresponding transactions, making accounting and auditing tasks more efficient..

Smart Expense Categorization

Advanced APIs can categorize expenses automatically, making it easier for businesses to track different spending categories.

Secure Data Storage

Receipt OCR API providers often offer secure cloud storage options, ensuring that financial data is safely stored and accessible when needed.

Customizable Reports

Businesses can generate customized financial reports using the data extracted from receipts, allowing for tailored analysis and presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Receipt OCR APIs typically support common image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and PDF.

Yes, Our Receipt OCR APIs require an internet connection as they often send data to a remote server for processing.

Our APIs are designed to recognize multiple languages on a single receipt, making them versatile for international use.

The number of receipts you can process may depend on the pricing plan you choose. Be sure to check our terms and conditions.

Yes, Pixls APIs are designed to work with mobile apps, making it convenient for on-the-go data extraction.

Yes, Our APIs can extract line items, including product names, prices, and quantities, from receipts.

Processing times can vary on the bases of how many receipts you are processing.

Yes, We have the capability to recognize both printed and handwritten text, but the accuracy may vary.

Don't let the hassle of paper receipts hold you back any longer. Embrace the future of expense management with SmartReceipt. Try it today and experience the ease and efficiency of receipt tracking like never before.