Voter's Card Verification API

A voter ID is regarded as one of the most essential documents that a citizen holds in India. It helps anyone register to vote as well as verification of their identity and apply for loans, investments, and various Government initiatives and financial aid. Fraud detection can be performed in real-time by using Pixl's Voter ID verification API to verify quickly, accurately, and effortlessly.

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Pixl voter Id Verification API

Liberate your important resources via automated Voter ID card verification with 98 accuracies. KYC identity is stored for unverified data points against Government data servers and repeatedly checked. Many Organizations are making use of the Pixl Voter Identity verification API to perform an identification and information gathering exercise on their customers in minutes. Voter ID verification is an important process to ensure that customers are carrying legitimate IDs. This helps to avoid fraud and ensure the proper identity of customers.

Real-Time PAN


Sophisticated image processing technology enables more precise data extraction.


10 BETTER OCR SCANNING (In-Build OCR Scanning)

Our smart OCR software can quickly extract text from scanned images and other valuable fields.

Facial Recognition


Our software monitors the information from the National Election Committee India to ensure that the results are always legitimate and accurate.

Geo-Location tagging


Pixl Automated Voter ID verification is processed within minutes, saving you both time and effort.

Facial Recognition


Manage your backend running costs and tackle technical challenges by automating the process with digital voter ID verification.

Geo-Location tagging


Pixl utilizes AI diligently to fill data, thereby eliminating errors brought on by manual data entry.

Facial Recognition


We extract all the fields from documents and send them to other applications in a quick manner and enable customers to onboard with confidence.

Geo-Location tagging


The process will save any institution that has been and can be a victim of fake Voter ID cardholders. Voter card verification services will easily detect such frauds.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an online platform that helps entities and individuals verify and validate the identity information of an individual.

There are no possibilities for error. The data that is taken as input is then checked from the government database and then, the result is printed. There is no room for errors. This makes the system of voter verification highly accurate.

Voter ID verification API service provider that has a number of web-based APIs to validate voter id in just a few minutes.

Yes, An online real-time voter ID verification method uses an instantaneous Voter Verification API to immediately obtain the EPIC number or the user is able to merely upload a photo of his or her voter ID ID card, and our Voter ID Card OCR can then be used to extract the data and validate it.

Information about the name, gender, age, state, the district, can be extracted from a voter ID verification API. This information may be extracted in English, as well as in a language of your choice.