Aadhaar eSign API Service

Pixl is a fast, easy-to-use e-sign software that allows customers to sign documents online. With Pixl, businesses can eliminate the need for paper and improve customer onboarding by making the process fast and simple. Through the Pixl e-Sign API, businesses can allow customers to sign documents digitally with their Aadhaar number in a matter of seconds, cutting down on the friction of the process and improving customer satisfaction.

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Digital eSign Verification

Aadhaar eSign API was designed to fix issues of verifying e-signatures online in India. The Aadhaar verification process has made implementing a digital signature simpler through eSign than ever before.

The Aadhaar e-Sign API allows an Aadhaar holder to sign an agreement or contract digitally, eliminating the need to manually sign any paperwork. Furthermore, it helps streamline the process, making it far cheaper, more reliable, and far easier than traditional methods of contract signing.

Real-Time PAN


All legal documents created by our Pixl digital signature API are accepted by most legal authorities.



Pixl's API gives you access to its array of workflow modules to help you leverage operations in your enterprise.

Facial Recognition


Our APIs can easily be scaled to accommodate the growth of your business. it can be accessed through a variety of platforms, including web browsers, and mobile apps.

Geo-Location tagging


You don't need to download the document right away; Once the user signs the document on the email that he or she can reference it for future use.

Document Upload Option


We offer you the choice to pay only for what you use, with no additional obligations. No monthly payments or usage fees are assessed by us.

End-to-End encryption


Users of eSign are permanently removed from the user database to increase security and prevent abuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solves the problem of the wet signing of contracts and agreements between enterprises and individuals that are time-consuming, costly, and inconvenient.

eSign allows users to endorse electronic signatures online. It is able to be linked with a software's API for seamless integration. Authentication of the eSign user through the e-KYC service is used to use the online electronic signature service. The identity and address of the subscriber are electronically confirmed through Aadhaar verification as part of the paperless KYC process known as Aadhaar eKYC.

You only have your 12-digit Aadhaar number (and password), and an OTP (One Time Password) generated using your Aadhaar-enabled mobile device to log in. Remote access can be secured using the eSign.

Anyone who's got an Aadhaar linked with their mobile phone can use eSign Aadhaar API. The Aadhaar number must be valid.