PIVC-Pre Issuance Verification Call Solution

PIVC is an online platform that is designed to create a unified experience for the insurance industry. It enables them to acquire the ideal solution/product for them through a step-by-step instructions approach using PIVC 's easy steps. Agents can deploy a video verification of a customer before they sign a policy with Pixl's PIVC module, which gives them access to a customer-facing video verification system.

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Pixl Pre Issuance Verification Call Solution

A lengthy verification process and inaccurate information cause businesses to lose potential high-quality customers. Pixl Pre Issuance Verification technology can be used for many different purposes, such as customer service, fraud prevention, and more. PIVC is a great way to keep your customers happy and ensure they receive the best possible service.

  1. Fast-performing customer verification
  2. Face recognition & liveness checkings with video call
  3. User-friendly API
  4. Reduces TAT
  5. Multiple checks of your policy details
  6. Provide a Seamless onboarding journey for Policy Issuance
Real-Time PAN


Our onboarding solution is sleek and effortless to use. Incremental improvements and dedicated trained personnel keep an eye on all modifications to ensure that we're continually evolving our technology to better serve you.



We offer a variety of services, from straightforward ID document verification to intricate biometric checks. We can make sure you receive the right combination of a great user experience and the safest processing.

Facial Recognition


Faster processing of customer verification would help streamline the customer experience and reduce frustration. This would be especially beneficial for new customers who may not be familiar with the process. Additionally, it would allow employees to spend more time helping customers with other issues.

Geo-Location tagging


Keep your business compliant with government regulations. This tool provides an easy way to track and manage customer verification status.

Do you need an API for PIVC (Pre Issuance Verification Call)? Consequently, Pixl provides a well build, user-friendly, and secure bank PIVC API solution so that you may confirm the legitimacy of your customers. Some of India's largest institutions use our technology, which complies with all rules and regulations. This enables these organisations to more effectively and efficiently manage their workflows. In turn, this enhances the standard of the services they offer to their customers.

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