Verify Customer KYC with Aadhaar Verification API

Real-time Aadhaar number verification will quickly and accurately verify your customer's KYC during Onboarding. Banks, NBFCs, and other Financial institutions (FIs) can be configured to integrate with the Aadhaar Verification API After the client provides their Aadhaar number and OTP for validating their KYC. Aadhaar cards hold information that is helpful in verifying an individual's identity.

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Types of aadhaar verification

OTP Based verification

Otp based verification to fetch complete details for poi (proof of identity) and poa (proof of address) verification

Offline verification

Consent based service to upload aadhaar number xml file and fetch e aadhaar details.

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How does aadhaar verification api works?


Enter your aadhaar number that you want to verify in the specified area.


After entering the aadhaar number you will get an otp on the registered phone number


After you enter the otp, your aadhaar number is processed & crosschecked with the government database(UIDAI)


If the aadhaar number you entered is legit and then a validation statement is generated


Online Aadhaar Verification API

The online Aadhar Card verification tool is simple to use and integrate. All you need is your Aadhaar card number. Simply enter it, and within seconds, you'll obtain the resource. It is essential to ensure that you must verify your Aadhaar card IDs using the Aadhaar Verification API. The Aadhaar API can be altered to fulfill the requirements of your business.

Benifits of using Pixl Aadhaar Verification API


High Accuracy

Pixl's Aadhaar Verification API utilizes advanced algorithms to ensure the highest level of accuracy in verifying Aadhaar details, reducing the chances of errors.


Enhanced Security

With stringent security measures in place, our API safeguards sensitive Aadhaar data, ensuring that it is accessed and used only for legitimate verification purposes.


Swift Verification

Our API offers rapid verification processes, enabling businesses to verify Aadhaar details quickly, which is especially crucial in time-sensitive scenarios.



We provide clear documentation and support to ensure that businesses can easily implement and utilize the API, regardless of their technical expertise.


Custom API solution

Our API can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring a seamless fit into your existing systems and processes.



Whether your business is small or large, our API can scale to handle varying levels of verification requests, making it suitable for businesses of all size.


Enhanced Trust

Aadhaar verification adds an extra layer of trust for businesses, making it easier to establish and maintain trustworthy relationships with customers and partners.


Data Integrity

The API helps maintain data integrity by ensuring that the information provided matches the official Aadhaar records.


Comprehensive Verification

Our API supports a wide range of Aadhaar verification types, including demographic, biometric, and OTP-based verification, providing flexibility to meet various use cases.


24/7 Availability

Enjoy round-the-clock access to our API, ensuring that verification services are available whenever you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

When authentication is unsuccessful due to a biometric mismatch, an incorrect Aadhaar number, a lack of biometric information, or an invalid biometric status.

An online portal that checks the government databases receives the Aadhar number input and transfers it to the platform. An official statement is produced if it passes validation.

Aadhaar authentication provides an effortless method for confirming your identity through online verification. Therefore, you do not need any other identification document except the Aadhaar number.

Aadhaar Verification API, the software's verification process takes only a matter of minutes.

It helps you prevent fraud by verifying your customer’s credibility. pixl’s Aadhaar Verification API helps you enhance your security and safety.

Yes, the Aadhaar Verification API is capable of processing Aadhaar data in different languages and layouts, making it adaptable to diverse user demographics and regions.

The API may have usage limits depending on the service plan chosen. You can inquire about the specific limits and scalability options from our sales team.

The API is engineered to provide high accuracy in verifying Aadhaar details. However, it is essential to ensure that the Aadhaar card image provided for verification is clear and legible to obtain precise results.