KYC Classifier and Extractor

PiXL KYC Classifier and extractor with its cutting edge AI capabilities is powerful enough to effectively extract the respective KYC details from scanned images and map them to customer profiles with minimal manual effort.


98% Accuracy

our solution can deliver 98.2% of the accuracy, which is the highest when compared to any other product. The remaining 1.8% accuracy loss is because of the corrupted documents.


AI-based system

Our AI engine, deep integrations and completely customizable automation rules work together to automate most documents.An AI-based image classification & data extraction system.


High-Quality Data Delivery

With our object detection and OCR models, fields can be identified, localized and the text in them can automatically be extracted and entered into databases with little or no human intervention.


Organization of documents

our solution can capture data from structured, unstructured documents and scanned copies of KYC documents in an image format with our automated data extraction process.


Automates CKYC and OVD Extraction

It can automate customer identification, verification process, and link documents and the respective user account. These extracted features are fed as inputs to the classifier that determines the probability of the character belonging to a specific class.


Quality checking of submitted proofs

When a potential customer uploads documents as images, whether the verification, information extraction, data entry and fraud detection are done correctly depends heavily on whether the image quality is good.

Benefits of PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor

  • The product can deliver 98.2% accuracy, which cannot be assured by any other products.

  • Accelerates the business processes by processing several types of digital documents and text content.

  • Human assistance is required only for the services, so the bank doesn’t need to introduce much labor for the work.

  • The data can be processed from any type of document without any restrictions.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

  • The data in the documents and the documents are highly secured and not being prone to risks

  • Productivity will be high as compared to manual working.


Automatic Document Classification and Extraction with our AI Solution

PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor help the banks in saving time and providing the best quality while ensuring a great cost-cutting for them. If a manual power can process 1 million data in 10 or more months, our product is capable of processing the documents in 1 month, saving 9 months in the work process, which is of immense significance.

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