PiXL Face Recognition

PiXL Face Recognition Solution provides a real-time service to obtain the latest actionable insights. There is no physical interaction required by the end-user. Face detection and facial identification or verification are not any time-consuming tasks for our product.


Highly Secured Features

Higher applications of deep learning techniques to improve the matching algorithm. Identify and verify the identity of your users before you onboard them into your systems.


Easy to Integrate

Our solution is easy to integrate to your existing business system and thus reach your customer via an automatic process. Our AI solution enables transparency into automated decisions and provides intelligent banking

face matching

Live Face Matching

Our solution can detect a live face, check for liveness, find face landmarks to crop accurately and compress the image to an aspect ratio. Our solution detects liveness by using AI facial movement technology.

crowd management

Crowd Management

Our Solution helps to recognize faces from a crowd, even under difficult scenes. Our face identification and matching algorithm is trained with over 1 billion images from around the world.


Cloud-Based Solution

All the data are stored on-premises without any third-party cloud services and all the resources are deployed in-house and within an enterprise's IT infrastructure.


Easy to Deploy

Manual customer onboarding can be a lengthy, iterative and error-prone process. Automate verification using our solution can speeding up onboarding by more than 40%

Benefits of PiXL Face Recognition

  • Security to restricted areas

  • It is applicable at places for making attendance.

  • Facial Recognition is already used in-store and at ATM’s, as security Measures

  • Facebook uses face recognition technology to automatically recognize when Facebook members appear in photos

  • Face Recognition can work as a means of access control to ensure that only authorized individuals get into facilities


Support for Multiple Platforms

PiXL Face recognition system can integrate anywhere that suits you best, on the mobile or server platform of your choice. Whatever your preference, we can help you shape the final solution.

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