Digital KYC Solution for Online Customer Verification

Digital KYC process is a new online identity verification solution that uses blockchain technology and real-time data sources to provide instant access to customer details to validate and confirm their identity. Banks must adopt a customer onboarding system that relies on technology. Manually inputting customer information is old hat and silly in this modern age of rapid service. Banks need an automated system to onboard customers.

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What is Digital KYC Verification?

Digital KYC is an online KYC solution for non-KYC-affected customers who wish to complete the official KYC process to receive financial services. You can change your status in the KYC Directory by completing an online KYC form or undergoing the Video-Based Customer Identification Process (V-CIP). Both of these processes are permitted by the Reserve Bank of India and the Securities Exchange Board of India.

Image Based Identity Verification

This software can help to match any image that is uploaded and verify it in real-time with any ID, Aadhaar, PAN, or any other document.


Video-Based Identity Verification

The person performs an actual, randomly selected sequence of actions in front of a video in real-time to demonstrate liveness. The recording was made at the user's leisure.

Digital Customer Onboarding Software

With digital remote onboarding, we can automatically assign your location as a customer journey through multiple digital platforms and then make a value-driven onboarding process. Online remote onboarding makes it possible for branchless and paperless account openings, allowing you to access products and services from anywhere, at any time. Our technology can remotely perform KYC authentication and verification within 60 seconds, so your customers can be onboarded quickly and easily.

No.1 Digital KYC Verification Tool

No.1 Digital KYC Verification Tool

Digital KYC platform that helps to verify the identity of your customers remotely.With this software, Our clients can do Live digital Video KYC identity checks with an AI-driven facial recognition system. This way, you can ensure customer authorization during your call. Our Digital KYC solution eliminates fraud by requesting new-age identity checks, validates the legitimacy of customers, and ensures that all OVDs submitted to us for verification are open isotope Bank, credit, or Demat accounts.

Industries that Benefit from Digital KYC Verification

Digital KYC helps banks and NBFCs automate their KYC verification. The process can be supervised in real time, KYC checks are securely & digitally evaluated, maintenance paperwork, loan files, and other banking collateral is scanned for KYC validation on digital platforms, and KYC management.
Banks and NBFCs use machine learning to streamline KYC for banks on board more customers, improve operating capacity, and increase scalability. Drop-offs are reduced by promptly validating customers by comparing ID documents with information retrieved from common databases.


Customizable & Scalable KYC

Onboard customers en masse using VCIP, VBIP, VIPV, or Aadhaar eKYC


Screen-Sharing for Both Parties

To help the customers fill out the application form, the customer and bank personnel can share their display screens.


Live Chat Facility

The bank employee is able to help the customer in real-time, thus bettering the customer's entire experience.


Scheduling KYC Process

Users can schedule time slots for confirmations according to convenience.



Any third-party application can be integrated with the Digital Customer Verification Platform to provide top-notch services.


Online Document Exchange

Both parties can interact with one another by sharing documents during remote communication sessions.


Anti-Fraud Technology

Guards against fake videos with 3D masks and deepfakes.


Track and Monitor

The dashboard is designed for auditors to get a complete overview of the onboarding process, from start to finish.


Premier Support

Onboarding training, disaster recovery, account management & more


high-quality video meeting

Provide interactive communication with clients utilising user-friendly video conferences that are equivalent to in-person meetings.


Reduced wait time

We’re committed to reducing the time it takes for financial establishments to onboard new customers. We’re on a mission to reduce customer acquisition times from long boring hours to only 10 minutes.