PiXL Aadhaar Card Masker

The Updated RBI Masker direction on KYC guidelines makes it mandatory for its regulated entities to mask or blackout. The first 8 digits from the Aadhaar number of all customer’s from the Aadhar image as part of the KYC process. Our Aadhar card masking solution allows you to mask a million documents at a time.


Accuracy & Qualitative

It extracts information from images of Aadhaar card using OCR, processes the same and allows you to mask the first 8 or all 12 digits of the Aadhaar number within seconds from the documents submitted by your customers in real time as well as legacy records stored in client’s repository with accuracy.

support all

Supports all image formats

Our solution uses Computer Vision APIs for image processing, optical character recognition and redacting the Aadhaar numbers in the image. It accepts Aadhaar images in various PDF, JPEG, JPG, PDF, and PNG.


Easy to Integrate

The solution integrates with the client applications via a set of secure APIs, provides a windows utility for bulk uploads and a dashboard for the analytics without storing any data. So it is very easy to integrate, easy to use, and easy to implement.

support all format

Supports all Aadhar Formats

Our solution supports m-Aadhaar, scanned copy, form with Aadhaar number printed, etc and it accepts Aadhaar image in various PDF, image formats, resolution, DPI, shape and style.


Onboard Customer Faster

Our aadhaar masking solution automates the current manual process and speeds up the onboarding process with our bulk masking solution allows you to mask 100,000+ documents at a time, making sure that you are in compliance with the regulations.


Protect Customer Privacy

Masked Aadhaar number makes sure that the data, prone to theft is hidden from miscreants and securely stored from harm and it allows you to save time and effort and become regulatory compliant without compromising on the privacy of your end-users

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