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What is Payslip OCR

Payslip OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that utilizes computer algorithms to extract data from payslips efficiently. It involves converting various payslip formats, whether in the form of images or PDF files, into machine-readable text. The process typically begins by providing a picture or PDF file of a payslip to an OCR system, which can be accessed through mobile apps, emails, FTP, or web applications.

Advantages of Pixl Indian Passport OCR API Service

Classifying payslips and payslip data


Payslip format and quality conversions

Payslip to text, CSV, XSLX,XML or JSON with OCR

Data extraction on payslips

Payslip scanning

Validating payslip data

Payslip management

Benefits of Payslip OCR

Reduce Cost

Pixl offers a cost-effective approach to handling salary checks, ensuring simplified workflow and other processes

Improve Speed

Process payslips automatically within seconds. By using our Payslip OCR you can reduce your TAT.

Reduce Errors

By using our OCR, you can Prevent manual data entry errors with high quality data extraction.

Prevent Fraud

Automatically detect errors, duplicates and fraud.

Key features of Pixl Payslip OCR

Faster TAT

Streamline Workflow

Standardized Format

Real-time updates

Field that can be extracted from payslip

Net salary
Gross salary
Bank account
Employer name
Employer address
Employee name
Employee number
Employee address
Salary period
Date of birth
Days worked
Hours worked
In / out service date
Hourly rate
Tax rate
Date of issue
and many more fields!

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses should consider factors like accuracy, speed, and compatibility with various payslip formats when selecting OCR software. Comparative analysis of popular tools can guide decision-making.

Reputable payslip OCR software incorporates encryption measures and complies with data privacy regulations, ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive employee information.

Deep learning techniques play a role in discerning the authenticity of payslip images, helping to verify their validity and prevent fraud in the OCR process.

Payslip OCR technology, such as Tartan Payslip OCR, is designed not only for data extraction but also for fraud detection, providing an added layer of security in payroll management

Pixl OCR engine automates payslip data extraction, offering benefits such as efficiency and accuracy in processing payslip information