Passport OCR API (India)

Pixl's Passport OCR technology designed for India is playing a critical role in extracting data from a photo of an Indian passport and correctly auto-filling this data to the correct fields thereby limiting manual data entry, preventing errors, and ultimately saving time.

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What is Passport OCR API

Indian Passport OCR is a latest technology that uses optical character recognition (OCR) software to extract important information from passports. This innovative technology automates personal identification verification, enhances passport control efficiency, and minimizes errors and delays. Its utility shines in high-traffic locations like airports, border crossings, and immigration offices, prioritizing speed and accuracy.

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Advantages of Pixl Indian Passport OCR API Service

Signature Checking

Pixl's Passport OCR software grants advanced functions that crack down on signatures and prevent fraud.

Error Reduction

Manual data entry is frequently prone to error, AI-powered passport data extraction eliminates this problem.

Onboard Faster

Instant onboarding and service are achieved through real-time data extraction.

Improved Speed

Manual data entry is frequently prone to error, AI-powered passport data extraction eliminates this problem.

Plug And Play

Our extensively tested API, trained on millions of global passports, requires no setup or retraining.

Prevent Human Errors

Automated data entry through form-filling reduces errors originating from manual input.

Fields that can be extracted

Passport Type
Passport No.
First Name
Date of Birth
Date of Issuance
Date of Expiration
Issuing Authority
Country Code
and many more fields!

Use cases of indian passport ocr api


When using a passport as a proof of identity for bank account opening, lending journeys, real money gaming and employee onboarding


Surrounding over 10,000 registered students from 100+ nations and territories, universities face the task of verifying the legitimacy of each individual. The Pixl Passport OCR API plays an important role in aiding universities to efficiently onboard new students by streamlining the verification process.


Manages the application procedure, issues certificates, and processes registrations of interest. Reduces errors in data entry and enhances overall transparency.


Securing tickets, registering, and opting for package tours quickly accommodate large tourist groups. Also, buying hotel vouchers simplifies the accommodation process

Frequently Asked Questions

The API incorporates stringent security measures to safeguard sensitive information during the extraction process.

Absolutely, the API offers customization options to tailor its functionality to specific document processing requirements.

The API boasts unique features and advantages that contribute to its exceptional performance in comparison to other OCR solutions.

A step-by-step guide for developers is provided, along with available resources and support channels for a smooth integration process.