IRD Number Verification API - New Zealand

Simplify your operations and improve security with our advanced AI solution. Our API quickly identifies instances of fraud and forgery involving IRD numbers in New Zealand. Using our advanced OCR algorithm, we offer top-notch anti-spoof measures to verify the authenticity of government-issued IRD numbers.

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IRD Number Verification API

Introducing Pixl IRD Number Verification API

Our AI-powered IRD number verification APIs have been specifically developed to swiftly detect instances of fraud and forgery. Through the implementation of an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithm, these APIs have been trained to enhance our Anti-spoof measures and provide a superior level of security compared to traditional methods. By uploading an IRD number, our system promptly verifies its legitimacy and verifies if it has indeed been issued by the government.

Some key features of Pixl IRD Number Verification API includes

Kiwi Access Card OCR API

Fast and Accurate Verification

Our AI algorithms ensure quick and accurate verification of IRD numbers, saving you time and resources.

Kiwi Access Card OCR

Advanced Fraud Detection

Detect and prevent fraudulent activities by leveraging our powerful AI technology, which identifies potential instances of fraud and forgery.

Kiwi Access Card OCR Software

Developer-Friendly Documentation

Our comprehensive documentation and dedicated support make it easy for developers to integrate our API into their projects.

cost-effective OCR API

Enhanced Security

Our API employs robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring the integrity of the verification process.

Kiwi Access Card API

Cloud Document Storage

The enterprise stores all data on-premises and deploys all resources within its own IT infrastructure without using any third-party cloud services.

Kiwi Access Card OCR Solution

Scalable and Reliable

Our API is designed to handle high volumes of requests, ensuring reliability and scalability to meet your business needs.

To begin using the IRD Number Verification API, first, create an account on our website. After you've received your API key, consult our detailed documentation and developer tools to easily incorporate our API into your application. Our committed support team is ready to help you at each stage of the process.

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