Digital eKYC & AML Verification Solution in New Zealand

New Zealand's premier eKYC software ensures compliant and seamless customer onboarding from a distance, providing instant service and minimizing drop-offs. Our video-based eKYC service aligns with the rigorous KYC and AML regulations set by the MAS, offering financial institutions low-bandwidth solutions for swift remote customer onboarding.

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Why Pixl eKYC verification software different?

In response to evolving regulatory mandates, an increasing number of Banks, NBFCs, and online businesses in New Zealand are now integrating eKYC Software into their identity verification processes. This shift is driven by the need for heightened security and compliance. With our advanced eKYC solution, New Zealand organizations can enjoy a more robust and secure method of identity verification. Beyond enhanced security, video KYC also offers the advantage of speed and simplicity, making it the preferred choice for identity verification in the digital age.

Online eKYC & AML Solution for Streamlined Customer Onboarding

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AI-Based KYC Solutions for Everyone

Our cutting-edge facial recognition algorithms have undergone extensive training, encompassing a diverse range of facial characteristics, including variations across races, ages, and genders. This comprehensive training empowers our model to accurately identify individuals, irrespective of their racial background, age, or gender.


Seamless Integration for Effortless eKYC

Our customer relationship management solution seamlessly integrates with leading eKYC service providers, ensuring a cohesive client acquisition journey. From application submission and verification to onboarding and closure, our integrated approach streamlines the entire eKYC process.


OVD Checks

The Pixl eKYC solution cuts down on the necessity for bank employees to manually verify documents and have face-to-face meetings with customers. This leads to time and cost savings for banks, allowing them to offer customers reduced fees or improved products and services.


Robust Anti-Spoofing Measures

Spoofing is a big problem in the digital world. It's when fake videos try to look real. Our AI system fights against this by using strong anti-spoofing measures. These measures protect the eKYC process.


Liveness Detection for Enhanced Security

Within our face recognition solution, artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques are harnessed to verify real-time facial features against those on official ID documents. This rigorous validation process effectively detects fake photographs, providing an added layer of security against fraudulent activities.

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On-Premises Control

For organizations seeking complete control over their data, hardware, and software, our on-premises solution offers a compelling option. With all operations confined to your facility's infrastructure, this approach minimizes third-party involvement, mitigating potential security and compliance risks associated with cloud-based alternatives.

Benefits of eKYC Solution in the Digitized World

Remote and Secure Customer Onboarding
New Account Opening
High-Assurance Transactions
KYC Process Scheduling
Regulatory Compliance
Enhanced Security
Complete Automation
Instant Verification
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All-in-One Solution for KYC & AML Needs

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Comprehensive Interaction Platform

By incorporating Pixl eKYC software providers, you can enhance your customer's experience right away. Our software assists in tackling typical problems your customers could encounter. Through personalizing the experience, you can effectively clear up any confusion they may have and enhance their overall experience.

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Ensuring Credibility with Digital eKYC Checks

Our commitment to authenticity extends to the meticulous detection and analysis of any alterations or manipulations within video footage. This forensic scrutiny not only ensures the credibility of video recordings but also serves as a valuable tool for risk assessment and spoof detection. By identifying any inconsistencies or modifications in a video, our investigative capabilities determine its integrity and credibility.


Customizable Dashboard

Our team is creating AI models that can operate in real-time, even in places with limited internet speed and on less powerful devices. This will allow us to adapt swiftly to new challenges and deploy our technology on a wide range of devices.


APIs Served for Industry

Our API is designed to assist various industries and seamlessly connects with customer management software to lower risks and boost efficiency. This greatly simplifies the process of automating data and information gathering.