Digital eKYC & AML Verification Solution for Namibia

Our eKYC software in Namibia is designed to meet all regulatory requirements. It allows businesses to sign up customers remotely, providing fast service with few interruptions. Our advanced video-based eKYC solution is carefully designed to meet regulatory standards. It helps financial institutions onboard customers quickly and efficiently, using our software's efficient features. Our eKYC software in Namibia offers a convenient and compliant solution for your business needs.

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Overview of Pixl Digital eKYC Verification

In Namibia, Digital eKYC Verification offers a contemporary and effective solution to verify customers' identities electronically. This forward-thinking method replaces the cumbersome process of paper-based verification with digital processes, enabling businesses to securely authenticate their customers' identities remotely and efficiently. By harnessing this cutting-edge technology, companies can ensure compliance with regulatory standards while delivering a seamless onboarding experience for users, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency.

Assisted eKYC Verification

With the Pixl-Assisted eKYC solution, businesses can seamlessly verify the legitimacy of their customers by harnessing advanced technology and human validation. By automating verification in uncomplicated instances and employing human intervention in complex situations, this solution ensures that businesses have a dependable eKYC process that integrates automation with the proficiency of humans.

Self-service eKYC Solution

Our Self-service eKYC streamlines the verification process by utilizing automation. It eliminates the need for human involvement and employs cutting-edge algorithms, machine learning, and AI to ensure precise customer identity verification. With our Non-Assisted solution, you can effortlessly undergo eKYC without any complications.

Online eKYC Solution for a seamless and secure customer onboarding process.


Effortless Document Data Extraction

Empower your business with our advanced OCR tool, effortlessly extracting vital identity information like names, addresses, and dates of birth from scanned files or digital images. This efficient process saves valuable time and ensures a smooth onboarding experience.


Real-time Facial Verification

Elevate the security and authenticity of customer interactions with our real-time facial matching feature during video calls. Verify that the presented identity aligns perfectly with the provided documents, instilling trust in your verification process.


Enhanced OVD Checks

Seamlessly integrate with Namibia's government databases, simplifying verification and confirming document integrity and accuracy while prioritizing customer safety and privacy.


Improved Response Time

Pixl enables efficient customer issue resolution, delivering exceptional service with prompt support and timely responses.


Multi-layered Authentication with Liveness Detection

Embrace cutting-edge Liveness Detection to actively monitor transactions and swiftly identify signs of fraud or abuse. This multi-layered authentication system effectively mitigates security risks, ensuring the honesty and truthfulness of your valued customers.


Live Interaction

Strengthen authenticity with live interactions, where our officials ask random questions to evaluate customer legitimacy, adding an extra layer of verification and assurance.

Benefits of Digital eKYC Solution

Remote and Secure Customer Onboarding
Streamlined Onboarding
Instant Verification
Enhanced Security
Cost Savings
Compliance Assurance
User-Friendly Software
Real-time Validation
Reduced TAT for Customers

Simplify your customer verification and eKYC process with all-in-one solution.

eKYC software vendors

End-to-End Interaction Platform

Integrate Pixl's eKYC software vendors to enhance your customers' experience with personalized interactions, addressing their concerns and improving overall satisfaction.

identity verification service

Rapid Implementation

Pixl's identity verification service is easy to integrate with your banking systems, making setup faster than traditional configurations. It has a user-friendly design that works well for any business, no matter how big or small.


Customizable AI for Seamless Onboarding

Our team creates AI models that work quickly, even with slow internet and on less powerful devices. This helps people easily get started and handle new problems.


Industry-Specific APIs

Our API works with different industries and easily connects with customer management software, reducing risk and improving productivity. This makes it convenient for automated data and information collection, making processes more efficient.