Real-Time Data Extraction Made Easy With Mobile OCR SDK

Pixl Smart OCR SDKs to make your mobile devices more powerful. These SDKs help you recognize text in many different types of documents. We offer SDKs that can scan and identify a variety of documents, including cards, barcodes, passports, and driver's licenses from 150+ different countries. Our mobile OCR SDKs also work with payment, financial, and accounting documents in many languages worldwide.

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Overview of Pixl Mobile OCR SDK

The Pixl Mobile OCR SDK is engineered for smooth optical character recognition on mobile devices. Its ability to efficiently extract text and reduce development time from various documents.

Our Smart OCR SDK solution is designed to improve your mobile applications. You can easily add features to enhance user experiences. But that's not all. Our Smart OCR engine offers many more functions and opportunities to make your mobile application better and give your users a great experience. Make your app better and stand out from the competition with our flexible and creative OCR solutions.

Easy Payment Integration

Simplify transactions with the ability to scan bank cards and barcodes, ensuring a smooth and secure payment process for your users.

Streamlined Onboarding

Make user registration a breeze by incorporating passport and ID scanning capabilities, making it easy for individuals to join your platform.

KYC/AML Data Collection

Ensure compliance and safeguard your platform with thorough data collection for both individuals and companies. Our ID scanning and authentication, along with statutory document recognition, make KYC/AML processes a breeze.

User-Friendly Loan Processing

Enable users to apply for loans with confidence. Our SDK covers bank card, ID, personal income tax certificate, and questionnaire scanning, streamlining the entire loan application process

Efficient Insurance Applications

Simplify the insurance application journey for your users. With bank card and ID scanning capabilities, along with a user-friendly questionnaire process, you'll enhance the efficiency of insurance submissions.

Seamless Personnel Management

Maintain meticulous records with ease. Our SDK offers ID and personnel accounting document management, ensuring efficient personnel record-keeping.

Effective Audit Management

Stay on top of your statutory and accounting document requirements with our comprehensive audit management features, simplifying the entire auditing process.

Advantages of the OCR SDK for Better Data Extraction

Leading the Way in Document Analysis

Pixl's revolutionary document analysis solution. We offer Day 1 Accuracyâ„¢, thanks to our extensive pre-training on hundreds of millions of documents.

Language-Powered Versatility

Pixl's is uniquely language-based. It understands documents and their data fields, eliminating the need for templates and offering unmatched versatility and scalability.

Unmatched Speed and Reliability

At Pixl, we lead in OCR innovation. Our API ensures speed and reliability, serving a wide range of applications across different devices

No Templates Needed

Get rid of templates and the costs that come with them. Pixl offers a simple and affordable solution for analyzing all your documents.

Table and Diagram Identification

Our Mobile OCR SDK to precisely identify and convert tables and diagrams into editable plain text. Our Table OCR efficiently scans tables, extracting cell-based information, and works seamlessly with images in various formats.

Continuous Improvement

Our system supports a programmatic feedback loop, enabling it to adapt and improve its understanding of your documents over time.

Languages and Currencies Supported

Languages : English, Spanish, French, German, and many more.

Currencies : USD, EUR, GBP, and more.


Easy-breezy Implementation and Maintenance

We understand the importance of seamless integration, which is why our OCR SDK is designed to be easy to implement and maintain. With our robust and developer-friendly API, you can quickly integrate OCR capabilities into your iOS and Android applications, saving you valuable time and resources. Whether you're building a finance app, expense tracker, or document management system, our OCR SDK will be your reliable partner in data extraction.

Better Accuracy, Continuously Perfected

At Pixl, we are committed to delivering the highest level of accuracy in OCR technology. Our OCR SDK undergoes frequent training and optimization to ensure unparalleled precision in extracting data from a wide range of sources. Say goodbye to manual data entry errors and embrace the efficiency of automated data extraction with our constantly evolving OCR solution.


Mobile OCR SDK Extract Any Data Point from Any Document

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