Liveness Detection API for Real-Time Identity Verification

Liveliness Check API is a powerful tool for real-time identity verification. Our API uses advanced facial recognition technology to verify the identity of your users quickly and accurately. Whether you're running a financial service or any other business that requires secure user authentication, our Liveliness Check API is the solution you need. The function of our API performs authentication procedures quickly and easily, allowing you to ensure the legitimacy of the consumer and protect you from unethical activities.

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Liveness Detection API

Pixl Liveliness Check API Solution

With our Liveliness Check API, you can prevent fraud and protect your platform against unauthorised access. Our API ensures that the user is physically present and not attempting to spoof their identity with a photo or video. By incorporating our Liveliness Check API into your platform, you can provide your users with a seamless and secure experience. Our face recognition API is easy to integrate into your existing platform, and our documentation and support team make the process straightforward. You'll be up and running in no time, and your users will appreciate the added layer of security that our Liveliness Check API provides.

User Authentication with Liveness Detection API: Key Features for Businesses

Liveness detection API is a technology that can help businesses verify the authenticity of their users by detecting whether they are real or fake. Here are some potential features of a liveness detection API for your business:

Liveness Detection API


The API should be able to detect the facial features of the user and verify that they are unique to the individual. This will help ensure that the person being verified is who they claim to be.

Liveness Detection OCR API


The API should be able to detect liveliness in real-time, as this will ensure that the person being verified is physically present at the time of verification.



The API should allow for customization to suit the specific needs of your business, such as setting thresholds for liveness detection or adjusting the verification process based on the user's location or device.



The API should be able to use multiple biometric factors to verify liveliness, such as voice, iris, and fingerprints. This will provide an added layer of security to ensure that the user is authentic.

Error detection


The API should be able to detect errors or anomalies during the verification process and flag them for further review. This will help prevent fraudulent activity and ensure that the verification process is accurate and reliable.

Liveliness Check API Solution


The API should be flexible enough to integrate with different devices, platforms, and software, making it accessible for a wide range of businesses and applications.

Naturally effortless AI-based Eye Blink Detection Software

Our software detects eye blinks quickly using advanced machine learning. It can identify different types of blinks, which makes interactions and personalization better

Seamless Integration

This versatility allows developers to implement liveness checks effortlessly into their existing applications & services, make the integration process smoother & improve the user verification experience.

Adaptive Blink Analysis

Our software uses smart algorithms to analyze how people blink. It can tell the difference between real blinks and fake ones, which makes it hard for people to trick the system.

Enhanced Anti-Spoofing

To counter sophisticated spoofing attempts, Pixl Blink Detection Software incorporates anti-spoofing measures. It can identify and distinguish between genuine human eyes and various presentation attacks.

Multimodal Verification

Pixl Blink Detection Software has a strong liveness check. It combines eye blink detection with other biometric methods like facial expressions or head movement analysis. This helps make sure that user authentication is accurate and secure.

Use-cases of our Liveliness Check API

    Real-time identity verification with facial recognition technology

    Prevent fraud and unauthorised access to your platform

    Easy integration with existing platforms

    Seamless user experience

    Expert documentation and support team

    Face comparison with all types