Digital eKYC & AML Verification Solution for Kenya

Use our advanced eKYC software in Kenya to comply with regulations. This software helps businesses onboard customers remotely, providing instant service and a smooth onboarding experience. Our video-based eKYC service meets all KYC and AML requirements. It also works well for financial institutions with low bandwidth, making remote customer onboarding fast and efficient. Try our eKYC software for your business in Kenya.

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    Companies are leveraging state-of-the-art AI and machine learning technologies to automate their processes effectively.

    Maintaining adherence to regulatory standards.

    Implementing sophisticated systems for fraud detection.

    Crafting a tailored solution designed to fit your unique use case.

We provide an online eKYC solution for the customer onboarding process.

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Effortless Document Data Extraction

Empower your business with our advanced OCR tool, capable of seamlessly extracting vital identity information such as names, addresses, and dates of birth from scanned files or digital images. This highly efficient process not only saves valuable time and effort but also enables swift retrieval of critical data, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.


Real-time Facial Verification

Elevate the security and authenticity of your customer interactions through our real-time facial matching feature during video calls. With this powerful tool, you can ensure that the presented identity aligns perfectly with the provided documents, bolstering trust and confidence in your customer verification process.


Enhanced OVD Checks

Our solution seamlessly integrates with government databases in Kenya, simplifying the verification process and providing a reliable means of confirming the integrity and accuracy of documents. Rest assured that your customers' safety, security, and privacy are always upheld while validating their identities.


Live Interaction for Added Verification

To further strengthen the authenticity of the video KYC information, we've introduced live interactions with our officials. During these sessions, random questions are asked to evaluate the legitimacy of the customer, adding an extra layer of verification and assurance.


Multi-layered Authentication

Our innovative approach includes cutting-edge Liveness Detection, which actively monitors transactions and swiftly identifies any signs of fraud or abuse. With this multi-layered authentication system, organizations in Kenya can effectively mitigate potential security risks, ensuring the honesty and truthfulness of their valued customers.

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Streamline Your Response Time

To achieve exceptional customer service, it is crucial to promptly attend to customers' inquiries and provide comprehensive support. With Pixl, you can efficiently resolve customer issues at a faster pace, ensuring a more effective and satisfactory resolution for all their needs.

Benefits of eKYC Solution in the Digital Era

Seamless & Secure Remote Onboarding
Effortless Account Opening
Real-Time Instant Verification
Compliance with Stringent Regulations
Unyielding Security Protocols
Unmatched Accuracy
Complete Automated Journey
50% Reduction in Drop-Off Rate
Effortless Setup Process

Easily confirm your customers' identities and meet all your eKYC needs with one complete solution.

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Revolutionary Interactive Platform

Empower your customers with an innovative end-to-end interactive platform that revolutionizes their experience. Seamlessly integrating Pixl's cutting-edge eKYC software vendors, we address common issues to enhance customer satisfaction. Personalized interactions clear confusion, resulting in an overall improved and delightful experience.

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Swift and Seamless Implementation

With Pixl's identity verification service, integration with your banking systems is now lightning-fast. Unlike other banking software configurations that take months, our solution ensures rapid implementation in a matter of days. No matter the size of your business, our user-friendly eKYC software seamlessly integrates with existing systems.


Tailored AI for Effortless Onboarding

Our team pioneers AI models that operate in real-time, even in low bandwidth environments and on low-end devices. This unparalleled flexibility allows us to promptly adapt to new challenges and deploy across a wide range of devices, ensuring exceptionally smooth onboarding experiences for your customers.


Enhanced Customer Support

We recognize the significance of providing outstanding customer service. Through Pixl, you can address customer inquiries with greater efficiency, leading to prompt and successful resolutions. Enhance your customer support and foster enduring relationships.