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Compress images swiftly to their smallest size without sacrificing quality. Cut down on storage and bandwidth expenses. Faster image delivery. Leverage our API or deploy it on your infrastructure.


What is an Image Compressor?

Image compression is a technique used to reduce the size of images while retaining their quality as much as possible. This process is important because images can be quite large in size and take up a significant amount of storage space. Therefore, image compression is a crucial step in the storage and transmission of images. Various image compression codecs, such as PDFs and other image formats, use algorithms to shrink the size of the original image without compromising its quality too much. The end result is an image that is much smaller in size, making it easier to store, transmit, and manage.

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Fast Image Delivery


The Pixl network is optimized to minimize loading time. Deliver content anywhere with a fast load time.

Adaptive Compression


Pixl's AI algorithms selectively alter the compression parameters for each input image. Thus, images are as small as they can be while still maintaining theirnvisual quality.

Image Advancement


Transform ordinary images into stunning HDR+ masterpieces with our AI-powered image enhancement technology.

Texture Upscaling


Our AI-based algorithms offer a maximum resolution of up to four times, your visual experience.

Industry-Leading Image Compression Tool with High Speed

It enables big data management, provides scalable solutions for image file acquisition, boasts FAIR archival capabilities, and automatically enables data-centric AI and ML imaging for fintech applications: ‍


User-friendly image file compressor

Lower image size with ease using Pixl's image compressor tool. Simply upload the photo to be compressed and let our AI select the optimal image quality. In seconds, you will receive a lossless compressed image with reduced size. Quickly compress image sizes with ease.


Increased compression efficiency

By leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, these algorithms can achieve compression ratios that far exceed those of traditional methods. This enables images to be stored and shared more quickly and efficiently than ever before.


Instant Image Compression to kb

Compress your images to kb instantly with Pixl's photo compressor. Experience fast and efficient optimization, even for large images, with Pixl's file size reducer. Get the ultimate optimization experience.


Improved image quality

AI-based compression algorithms can preserve the quality of images even after compression, making them ideal for applications where image quality is critical.


Reduced storage space

By compressing images effectively, AI-based compression can reduce the storage space required, which can save costs and increase efficiency.


Faster transmission

AI-powered compression algorithms can compress images more quickly, allowing them to be transmitted faster and reducing the latency in image transfer.


Better adaptation to different image types

AI algorithms can be trained to handle a wide variety of image types, including PDFs and other image documents, providing more flexible and versatile image compression.