Ghanaian Non-Citizen Card OCR API

Pixl's OCR Reader allows you to easily incorporate the scanning feature of Ghana's non-citizen ID card into your applications or systems. Our API provides a quick and reliable way to capture important information from the non-citizen card, such as name, date of birth, nationality, and data verified by the Ghana Government. Use Pixl's OCR Reader for smooth and dependable extraction of non-citizen card data, improving efficiency and accuracy in your operations.

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Introducing Pixl The Non-citizen card OCR Software

Pixl's Non-citizen card Reader API can easily read all types of Ghana's non-citizen cards, including new and old versions, and cards with different fonts and layouts. Our OCR algorithms can accurately extract data from even the most complex text. Our OCR process for Ghana's non-citizen cards follows regulations and security standards to protect personal information. With Pixl's OCR technology, data extraction is done securely and reliably to meet your identification needs.

Benefits Of Non-citizen card OCR API

Medicare Card-OCR-API

Fast and accurate data extraction

Experience the efficiency of our OCR technology, ensuring swift and accurate data extraction from non-citizen cards with a high level of precision.

Medicare Card Recognition


Our versatile non-citizen card OCR API caters to a wide range of applications, from identity verification to customer onboarding and beyond.

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Easy integration

Seamlessly integrate our API with your applications and systems, effortlessly adding non-citizen card scanning functionality to your existing workflows.

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Rely on our API's robust platform, guaranteeing high uptime and dependable performance, ensuring your data is always accessible when needed.

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Eliminate Human Error

Automated form filling eliminates human errors, saving time and ensuring accurate information entry into digital forms.

Medicare Card OCR API

More Smarter With AI

With the power of AI, Pixl non-citizen card OCR API swiftly and accurately recognizes various types of identification documents, making it a smarter and advanced solution for your needs.

Our OCR API can be used for Ghanaian Non-citizen card. We have different pricing plans to fit your needs. Contact us now to take advantage of this opportunity and improve your business operations with accurate data. Our OCR API is advanced and can greatly enhance your workflows and boost your business.

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