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What is Digital eKYC Verification?

Digital eKYC Verification is a streamlined and efficient solution for verifying the identity of customers using electronic means. It replaces traditional paper-based methods with digital processes, allowing businesses to remotely authenticate their customers' identities quickly and securely. This cutting-edge technology ensures compliance with regulatory requirements while providing a seamless onboarding experience for users, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Assisted eKYC Solution

The Pixl-Assisted eKYC solution uses advanced technology and human verification to onboard customers accurately. It automates the verification process using algorithms and artificial intelligence, but humans step in for more complicated cases or exceptions.

Non-Assisted eKYC Solution

The Non-Assisted eKYC solution is fully automated and does not require any human intervention for verification purposes. It relies solely on advanced algorithms, machine learning, and AI to verify customer identities and perform all necessary checks.

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Document Data Extraction

Effortlessly extract vital identity information such as names, addresses, and dates of birth from scanned files or digital images using our OCR tool. This swift process saves time and ensures quick retrieval of critical data.


Facial Verification

Real-time facial matching during video calls ensures that the presented identity aligns with the provided document, enhancing security and authenticity. This instant verification adds an extra layer of trust to customer interactions.


OVD Checks

Utilize government databases in Ghana for a reliable means of confirming document integrity and accuracy, ensuring safety, security, and privacy while validating identities.


Live Interaction

Engage in live interaction with customers during the session, asking random questions to assess the authenticity of the video KYC information. This step enhances verification, ensuring the legitimacy of the customer.


Multi-layered Authentication

Employ Liveness Detection to monitor transactions and identify signs of fraud or abuse. This multi-layered approach empowers Ghanaian organizations to mitigate potential security risks, ensuring the honesty and truthfulness of their valued customers.

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Improved Response Time

Deliver exceptional customer service by promptly addressing inquiries and providing support. With Pixl, resolve customer issues more efficiently, enabling effective and timely resolutions.

Benefits of Digital eKYC Software

Remote and Secure Customer Onboarding
Streamlined New Account Opening
High-Assurance Transactions
Compliance with Regulatory Standards
Robust Security Measures
Building Security
Complete Automated Journey
Instant Verification
Most Trusted by People

Simplify verifying customer identities and meet all your eKYC needs easily with our complete solution

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End-to-End Interaction Platform

Integrate Pixl eKYC software vendors to elevate your customers' experience and address common issues with personalized interactions, enhancing overall satisfaction.

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Rapid Implementation

Pixl's identity verification service is easy to integrate with your banking systems. It only takes a few days, unlike other banking software setups that take longer. This makes it a great choice for businesses that want to implement it quickly. Our user-friendly eKYC software works well with existing systems and is suitable for businesses of any size.


Customizable AI

Our team is creating AI models that are capable of functioning in real-time, even in environments with limited bandwidth and on devices with low capabilities. This flexibility enables us to quickly address emerging obstacles and implement our solutions across a diverse range of devices, guaranteeing seamless onboarding experiences.


Industry-Specific APIs

Our API caters to diverse industries and seamlessly integrates with customer management software, mitigating risks and boosting efficiency. This seamless integration facilitates automated data and information gathering, simplifying workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ghana’s digital eKYC (Know Your Customer) solution is an electronic system that allows businesses to verify the identities of their customers remotely. This is done through a secure and automated process that verifies customers' identity documents and biometric data.

The digital eKYC solution can be used by any business that needs to verify the identities of their customers, including banks, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, and online service providers.

The digital eKYC solution works by using customers' identity documents and biometric data, such as facial recognition, to verify their identity remotely. Customers can upload their identity documents and take a selfie or record a video of their face to be compared against their identity document. The system uses advanced technology to ensure the authenticity of the documents and the accuracy of the biometric data.

Yes, Ghana’s digital eKYC solution is designed to be secure and compliant with industry regulations. The system uses advanced encryption and authentication technologies to protect customers' data and prevent fraud.

The digital eKYC solution provides businesses with a secure and efficient way to onboard customers remotely, which saves time and resources. It also reduces the risk of fraud and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Yes, customers can choose to opt-out of using the digital eKYC solution and provide their identity documents in person instead. However, this may result in a longer and more cumbersome onboarding process.

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