Legal documents are needed to dealt with precision. Dealing with such one firm which provides legal support services was a unique drive for PiXL.AI. The company took on the task of doing legal research on the subject matter and which would contextualise data into information to make it easy for the general public. It would help in sorting out the Contract Lifecycle Management by simplifying it. The company would also extend its help for regulatory review and document review through which it would provide less risk and more efficiency.

The company soon realised a pressing issue. Most of those legal documents were obtained and read through the soft copies which were available as PDFs or online data stored in online databases. The company then needed to extract the useful information from it. One of the biggest challenges was the processing of the PDF which contained image. They could not rely on any random source for the data extraction work. They most of the online internet services were non-reliable for this purpose. Another predicament was the quality check of the documents. The low- quality documents were difficult to process. Quality check processes would take long durations to get completed.

The legal documents are full of tables and divided through columns, any normal convertor would just read the simple data which are in the form of normal sentences. Thus, the normal services were falling short of meeting the requirement of such a professional level service. It needed an advanced and customised Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solution.

The firm contacted PiXL.AI and specified about its immediate requirement. Our product Optical Character Recognition(OCR) Plus was able to solve the issue and provide them with numerous benefits. The speciality about OCR Plus is that it can read the data from the document which are having very low quality. Thus, it can extract information even from a document having low quality. The point of concern here is about the degree of accuracy. Usually extracting data from a low-quality document might affect the accuracy but in the case of OCR Plus the accuracy remains intact and atypically high.

OCR Plus also does not hinder the structures and retain the original format of tables, layouts and paragraphs. This is one exceptional quality which gives OCR Plus a supremacy. It provides the legal support firm with standard quality check therefore, reducing the burden on the part of human resource of the company and also providing a cost reduction through this. By using this Artificial Intelligence the company was able to process huge volume of data in tremendously less time period. Service of OCR Plus enables image processing in various languages. Legal support service firm was appeased with the service which OCR Plus provided to them.

If your business is also struggling with the problem similar to these and want to get advanced machine learning option, OCR Plus can guarantee best results in the most efficient and effective way. Experience the best with PixL.AI.