KSFE has introduced their newest mobile app, KSFE POWER, through a collaboration with pixdynamics. This advanced app is designed to be the ultimate solution for efficiently managing domestic chitties at various KSFE branches. With a wide range of advanced features, the KSFE Power App aims to simplify and elevate the chitty management experience. Now, let's see how KSFE has transformed and optimized their workflow through the digitization of the chitty management process.

Challenges faced by KSFE

    Offline/Manual transactions: Managing chitties and processing payments offline is a labor-intensive procedure. It necessitates manual data entry into the database, which is time-consuming and susceptible to errors

    Complex KYC process: Customers are required to physically visit the branches for KYC updates. They must manually submit all necessary documents, and the verification process is also conducted manually.

    Difficulty Finding Up-to-Date Chit Plans: Customers have access to information regarding chitty plans specific to their branch but are unable to view plans from other branches. Their access is restricted to their respective branch's offerings.

    Complexity in Proxy Submission: To utilize the proxy service, customers are required to visit the physical branch to complete the proxy form. The verification process is conducted through offline means.



    Quick pay: You can simply handle payments for other individuals' chitties with just a few taps on your smartphone. It's the modern solution for modern chitty communities.

    Easy kyc updations: Keeping your KYC information current has become incredibly straightforward. Our app presents a seamless and effortless procedure for users to update their KYC details with ease.

    Latest chitt plans:Users are able to find the latest chits currently available in different branches with ease.

    Easy proxy submission:Delegation made easy! KSFE handles your auctions, guaranteeing your chitty's impeccable management.


On what grounds KSFE developed the ‘KSFE Power’

KSFE is trying to reach Rs 1 lakh crore in sales. Discussions on doubling the capital of KSFE are in progress. KSFE Officials said that the mobile app named "KSFE Power" has been developed with the aim of bringing all the activities of KSFE to the fingertips of the subscribers.

All chit transactions can now be done easily using KSFE's mobile app. Almost all information of KSFE Chitties can be known at the fingertips through the mobile app. Chairman K Varadarajan said that work is going on to achieve more technical excellence in this system in the coming days.

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