Digital eKYC & AML Verification Solution for Canada

Canada is at the forefront of offering fully compliant eKYC software that enables remote customer onboarding, ensuring instant service provision. This cutting-edge solution not only facilitates the customer onboarding process but also minimizes drop-off rates. The video-based eKYC service adheres to all KYC and AML regulations established by the relevant authorities. Additionally, our solution provides low bandwidth options specifically designed for financial institutions, allowing for swift remote customer onboarding.

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Why Pixl eKYC verification software different?

    Companies are automating their operations using the latest AI and machine learning technologies.

    Compliance with regulatory standards.

    Fraud detection techniques containing complex systems.

    We specialize in creating a personalized solution just for you. This solution is designed specifically for your needs.

Offering Online eKYC Solution for Customer Onboarding Process

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Data Extraction from Documents

Our OCR tool efficiently extracts crucial identity data like names, addresses, and dates of birth from scanned files or digital images, allowing businesses to swiftly and effortlessly obtain the necessary information. OCR technology streamlines the data extraction process, minimizing both effort and time required.


Biometric Facial Verification

Our solution ensures real-time verification of individuals appearing on camera during a video call, confirming their claimed identity and validating its legitimacy by cross-referencing it with the provided document


OVD Checks

Ensuring the integrity and accuracy of this verification is paramount to safeguarding the safety, security, and privacy of individuals involved. Fortunately, the existence of government databases simplifies and enhances the efficiency of this process.


Live Interaction

At the conclusion of the session, the official engages the customer with random questions to evaluate and determine the acceptance of the customer's video KYC information.


Multi-step verification

Liveness Detection is employed during transactions to monitor and identify any indications of fraud or abuse. By utilizing this technology, organizations can mitigate potential security risks and ensure the honesty and truthfulness of their customers.

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Simplify Response Time

The most effective approach to providing top-notch customer service involves swiftly handling customer questions and assisting them. Utilizing Pixl, you can resolve customer problems faster and offer more efficient solutions.

Benefits of eKYC Solution in the Digitized World

Remote and secure customer onboarding
Streamlined process for opening new accounts
Transactions with enhanced assurance and security
Compliance with regulatory requirements
Strengthening security measures
Exceptionally accurate results
Simple and quick setup process
Fully automated customer journey
Widely trusted and preferred by individuals

Verify all your customer's identities and complete eKYC needs in one single solution

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Integrated Customer Engagement Platform

By incorporating Pixl eKYC software vendors, you can enhance your customers' experience instantly in Canada. Our software effectively tackles common customer challenges, allowing you to personalize their journey, address any confusion, and ultimately deliver a superior overall experience.

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Accelerated deployment

Pixl's identity verification service enables quick integration with your banking systems in a matter of days, in contrast to the months typically required for configuring other banking software. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses in Canada that require a swift start. Our eKYC software is user-friendly and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, catering to the needs of both small and large businesses.


Tailored AI facilitating seamless adoption

We are working on AI models that can function in real-time, even in low bandwidth settings and on low-end devices. Our objective is to have the ability to adapt swiftly to emerging challenges and deploy our models across a wide range of devices.


APIs Served for Industry

Our API is designed to cater to a wide range of sectors, seamlessly integrating with customer management software. By doing so, it effectively minimizes risk and enhances productivity. This convenient solution enables automated data and information collection with ease.