Argentina DNI Card OCR API

Our Argentina ID OCR API is a powerful tool designed for businesses and organizations that need to quickly and accurately scan and extract data from Argentina's national identity cards, also known as DNI or Documento Nacional de Identidad. Using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, our API can efficiently identify and extract important information from ID cards, including name, address, date of birth, and more.

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Introducing Pixl Argentina DNI OCR API

Whether your aim is to simplify the customer onboarding journey or enhance the precision of data entry, our Argentina ID OCR API is here to assist you. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, our API excels in precisely identifying and extracting data from Argentina ID cards in real-time, resulting in error reduction and heightened operational efficiency.

Some Key Features Of Our Argentina DNI OCR API Include


Accurate data extraction

Our API employs cutting-edge OCR technology, ensuring precise identification and data extraction from ID cards, even under challenging conditions such as low light or suboptimal image quality.


Fast processing speeds

Our API is systematically engineered for lightning-speed performance, enabling real-time processing of ID card data with exceptional efficiency.


Easy integration

Our API is thoughtfully crafted for effortless integration into your current systems and processes, ensuring a hassle-free implementation, and enabling you to begin utilizing it promptly.

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Enhanced Security

Security is paramount. Our API is hosted on secure servers, ensuring the safety and accessibility of your data.

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Cloud Document Storage

The organization maintains all of its data within its own on-premises infrastructure and does not utilize any external cloud services for resource deployment.



Our solution enhances data processing speed by expediting the reading process. This not only mitigates business risks and ensures compliance with government regulations but also significantly reduces customer onboarding time.

If you're considering the use of our OCR API designed for Argentina ID cards, we offer tailor-made pricing packages to suit your distinct needs. Reach out to us today for additional details on how our API can elevate your business operations by simplifying workflows and elevating data precision.

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