Digital eKYC & AML Compliance Solution for Argentina

Our advanced eKYC software is a top solution in Argentina, changing how businesses bring in new customers. It lets businesses sign up customers remotely, giving fast service and making the sign-up process easier. Our video-based eKYC service follows the rules set by regulatory authorities for KYC and AML, making sure we follow the rules. It also works well even if the internet is slow, making it fast and efficient for financial institutions to sign up customers remotely.

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The Importance of Digital EKYC

Verifying the identity of individuals has become a critical component of various online interactions. From opening a bank account to accessing online services, businesses need to ensure that the person on the other end of the transaction is who they claim to be. This is where digital identity verification comes into play. It allows organizations to authenticate users' identities through various means, such as document checks, biometrics, and even behavioral analytics.

Providing a Digital eKYC Solution for Streamlined Customer Onboarding

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Data Extraction

Our OCR tool excels in swiftly retrieving vital identity information, encompassing names, addresses, and dates of birth, from scanned files or digital images. Its efficiency empowers businesses in Argentina to effortlessly access crucial data using advanced OCR technology, minimizing both time and effort.


Facial Verification

Incorporating real-time facial matching within video calls guarantees the alignment of the individual on camera with their claimed identity. This swift identity verification procedure ensures a harmonious match between the presented identity and the provided document, elevating both security and authenticity.


OVD Checks

Ensuring safety, security, and privacy necessitates the essential verification of document integrity and accuracy. Fortunately, Argentina's government databases offer a dependable solution for streamlining this verification process, providing a trustworthy method for confirming identities.


Live Interaction

Within the session, an authorized representative actively engages with the customer, posing random inquiries to assess the genuineness of the video KYC information. This phase introduces an extra layer of verification, further ensuring the authenticity of the customer's identity.


Multi-layered Verification

Our multi-layered security measures, including Liveness Detection, actively oversee transactions, swiftly detecting and preventing any fraudulent activities or misuse. This robust approach empowers Argentine organizations to proactively manage security risks and maintain the integrity and authenticity of their clientele.

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Less Response Time

Efficient customer service hinges on the ability to swiftly address inquiries and deliver effective support. With Pixl, you can expedite issue resolution and enhance your customer interactions, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience.

Benefits of eKYC Solution in the Digitized World

Remote and Secure Customer Onboarding
Streamlined New Account Opening
High-Assurance Transactions
Compliance with Regulatory Standards
High Accuracy
Low Bandwidth Solution
50% Reduced Drop-Off Rate
Complete Automated Journey
Trusted by Many

Verify Customer Identities and Meet eKYC needs Easily with a Complete Solution.

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End-to-End Interaction Platform

Incorporate Pixl eKYC software providers into your ecosystem to elevate the customer journey by addressing typical challenges head-on. By tailoring interactions, you can alleviate uncertainties and cultivate a more enriched overall experience.

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Quick Implementation

Pixl's identity verification solution offers rapid integration with your banking infrastructure, significantly reducing implementation time compared to traditional banking software setups that take months to complete. This agility makes it the preferred option for businesses seeking quick deployment. Our intuitive eKYC software seamlessly adapts to your current systems, accommodating businesses of all scales effortlessly.


Customizable Solution

Our expert team is pioneering AI models designed to function seamlessly in real-time, even in bandwidth-constrained situations and on diverse, resource-limited devices. This adaptability empowers us to swiftly address emerging challenges and deploy across a diverse array of devices, guaranteeing frictionless onboarding experiences.


Industry-Specific APIs

Our API caters to a multitude of industries, effortlessly integrating with customer management software to mitigate risks and amplify operational efficiency. This seamless integration facilitates automated data and information acquisition, optimizing workflows.