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Extract data from documents in Arabic language real quick with Pixl Arabic optical character recognition. Our Arabic character Recognition software is designed to extract data with 0% error.

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Pixl’s Arabic OCR Software

Our Arabic OCR utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to recognize and extract text from images. It works by scanning the text in an image, identifying individual characters, and converting them into digital text. The software then applies language-specific rules to recognize the Arabic script accurately.

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Key features of our Arabic OCR

Multi font recognition

Our Arabic language OCR has the ability to identify different Arabic text fonts and involves various strategies to effectively identify, interpret and extract text across different fonts.

RTL support

Our Arabic ocr support right to left character recognition because Arabic is written from right to left, while most models are more used to the opposite direction.

Accurate Extraction

Our tool can be used to extract text from various documents and images. These tools utilize advanced algorithms to convert images into editable text.

Feature extraction and Classification

It extracts features from the Arabic script and provides valuable insights, aiding in the difference between characters and words.

Cloud-Based and On-Premises Options

Choose between our flexible cloud-based or on-premises deployment options to cater to your specific needs and security requirements.

Working of Arabic OCR

Image upload

Upload image or upload any document such as pdf, word file that you want to extract


Digital images, when captured, may encounter interference from noise. As a remedy, preprocessing procedures are implemented on the digital image to enhance its overall quality.


The objective of this stage is to identify distinct words or characters within the script. Subsequently, the attributes of these words or characters are isolated and organized into different categories or classes.

Classification And Extraction

The objective of this stage is to identify distinct words or characters within the script. Subsequently, the attributes of these words or characters are isolated and organized into different categories or classes.

Editable document

You can download the extracted data in any format such as PDF, Word or even you can download the JSON file

Use Cases of Arabic OCR

Document Scanning and Digitization

Arabic OCR simplifies the conversion of physical Arabic documents into digital formats, improving accessibility and optimizing storage efficiency.

Language Translation

Through the extraction of text from Arabic documents, OCR technology facilitates precise language translation, contributing to overcoming language barriers and enhancing communication.

Form Processing

OCR is utilized to automatically recognize forms, efficiently extracting information from Arabic documents for tasks like surveys or data collection.

Text Recognition in Images

Arabic OCR can analyze images containing Arabic text, making it valuable for extracting textual content from photos or graphics.

Enhancing Accessibility

By converting Arabic text in images into digital format, OCR contributes to making content more accessible for individuals with visual impairments or language differences.

Research and Analysis

Arabic OCR aids researchers by extracting and analyzing textual content from Arabic manuscripts, supporting studies and academic endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Arabic OCR technology is designed to identify variations in character shapes, such as isolated, initial, medial, and final positions within a word

Arabic OCR goes beyond mere recognition, converting combinations of Arabic and Hebrew scripts into editable formats. This innovative capability provides a competitive edge in various applications

When integrating Arabic OCR, consider factors like API compatibility, customization options, and language-specific features for optimal performance.

Arabic OCR has made significant strides in recognizing intricate calligraphy styles, ensuring accurate results.