Some organizations store a volume of documents like PDFs, invoices or any other document formats for there works. The documents may have several types of information like tables and images. They accept those data and store it for further assessments. The quality and quantity of documents vary from organization to organization.

If they have to meet their need to read particular data from the bulk of data it is quite difficult. If a man is assigned with such a task it may take many days to complete it. At that time each organization will think about a product or application or product who can perform the same task in better accuracy and less time, moreover, it should be cost-effective.

As we know the needs lead man to invent new applications. Same as in the case of PiXL Document Reader.It gave more importance to delivering our client needs with the most provided technology in the market. We had successfully done it for our valuable clients. PiXL Document Reader automates data extraction from pre-formatted documents.

The product is designed with a technology where it can process any number of document formats. Even if the given document images are having low qualities, we are capable to process or read document data with the same quality as of the quality images. With the proper infrastructure, we are capable to process millions of documents per day. With this application, you can forget about the potential error and the time that human power can cause.