PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor is a PiXL family product that is originated in a way to introduce PiXL technology to the world and thereby help different sectors to reduce the workload. You may think about how PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor really help to classify and extract the data from an image or PDF.

For instance, let us consider the current situation of a well-known bank.

Whenever you open an account, you have to produce documents like aadhaar, passport or any other valid documents copies. Bank employees collect it and store it as images for further procedures. You can imagine the number of accounts or customers a bank is handling with day by day. Currently, banks have millions of stored images. As per rule, the banks are in trouble to classify these millions of documents in a recommended time according to their particular categories. After classification, it needs to be segregated. If you need to extract particular information from these images or PDFs the employees have to manually go through each and every account. These are the same situations for other organization that handles the bulk of legacy documents.

PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor bring these three facilities under one umbrella. The only thing the employee needs to give is the images for processing. Let it be billions or millions of documents, the product is able to classify, segregate and extract images with 98% accuracy. It snoops into each image and then classifies it to various subclasses, for instance selecting aadhaar card from a group of documents and classify it to an aadhaar card category. And then extracts all the required data from the corresponding categories. Finally, it gets segregated.

The quality and accuracy will be the same for low-quality images. This application can map documents and automates customer identification, verification processes, CKYC and OVD extraction. The current solution that is manpower has a high risk of potential errors and takes months for the results. If an organization really values time, cost, accuracy, and quality PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor will be an asset to your firm.