Every Indian owns an Aadhaar card and a unique Aadhar number where they submit it while opening a bank account. They produce the ID and get verified by the bank employee. There are certain situations where the security of the customers gets questions.

By considering the security of the customers, RBI makes it compulsory for all the associated organizations to mask the first 8 digits of the aadhaar card. They are allowed to show only the last 4 digits of the customers. It is practicable to keep the new customers aadhaar's masked. As the organizations have a bulky collection of such documents, complying with this rule comes as a challenge. If they go for manual work to get this done it would not be an option.

Here is the situation you can make use of PiXL Aadhaar Card Masker. Our product can provide easy conversion of all the unmasked aadhaar cards to the masked ones in very less time. With these advanced technologies from the PiXL family, the organization can reduce errors. These directions from the Reserve bank of India regarding the KYC entries and the updated orders were the aftereffects of Aadhaar and other Laws Ordinance that was addressed by the management in March 2019.

By considering the law, to make it happen within the period the best option will be PiXL Aadhaar Card Masker.