PiXL Video KYC Solution, a consent-based alternative method of identity verification allows all RBI-Regulated entities to onboard customers online+ simplify the authentication process for several financial institutions, New-Age Fintech companies, digital wallet providers, and NBFCs.

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PiXL Video KYC

PiXL Video KYC is an AI-driven Customer Identification and Verification solution for fintech organizations. It enables you to accelerate customer onboarding and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Video KYC Solution

Real-Time PAN Verification

Secure real-time customer PAN and Aadhaar verification using OCR.

Video KYC Solution

Complete on premises deployment

All the data are stored on-premises without any third-party cloud services.

Video KYC Solution

Real-Time Facial Recognition

Compare the Person on a Video call with photo on docs with accuracy 98.2%.

Video KYC Solution

Geo-Location tagging

The live location of the customer shall be captured to ensure that customer is physically present in India

Video KYC Solution

Document Upload Option

Real-time document validation and verification with registered databases for the uploaded docs

Video KYC Solution

End-to-End encryption for video

Realtime secured and end-to-end encrypted audiovisual interaction with the customer

Benefits of PiXL Video KYC

  • Remote Customer Onboarding

  • Unlimited Video Storage and Instant Retrieval

  • Faster KYC Completions

  • 100% Compliant with Latest RBI Mandate

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Higher Application Accuracy

  • Reduction in Customer Drop-Offs

Video KYC Solution

Use our PiXL Video KYC System for

Video KYC Solution

Onboard your customer within seconds

PiXL’S Video KYC solution offers top-notch security features to prevent data theft and maintain customer’s privacy. Our Artificial Intelligence-based authentication system will help you verify your customers’ information instantly in a smooth and secure way.

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