OCR Reading Service

PiXL OCR Plus Solution is a document digitization platform that has better accuracy of data extraction even from low-quality images. It can help you reduce labor costs and swiftly identity insights resulting in faster decision making.

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Our product Pixl OCR Plus provides an OCR reading service to solve all the issues and provide numerous benefits. As compared with other solutions, our product can promise better accuracy in converting OCR images to texts.

 98.2% Accuracy

Secure real-time customer PAN and Aadhaar verification using OCR.

Video KYC Solution

Cloud Storage

All the data are stored on-premises without any third-party cloud services.

Excellent Speed

Get the entire data processing done fast with our solution

Advanced AI and ML Solution

Capable to read, analyze, and organize pictorial and textual data into the required electronic format

Video KYC Solution

Document Upload Option

Real-time document validation and verification with registered databases for the uploaded docs

Video KYC Solution

Highly Secured Solution

All the data are  stored with our solution in a highly secured format

Benefits of PiXL OCR Plus

  • Easier to manage all paperworks

  • Reads the texts from low quality images with better accuracy

  • Easy to use and integrate

  • Works fast, Seamlessly and accurately

  • Helps to prevent document and identity fraud

  • Can Quickly & Simply connect the document reader to your system

  • Cloud  Document storage

PiXL OCR Plus Solution

We are here to help you with our OCR Reader Solution

The specialty of PiXL OCR Plus is that it can read the data from the document which is having very low quality with the same accuracy. It can extract huge amounts of documents in minimal time. If your business is also struggling with a problem similar to these and want to get an advanced machine learning option, PiXL OCR Plus can guarantee the best results in the most efficient and effective way.

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