Aadhaar card masking solution


PiXL Aadhar Card Masking solution, allows you to mask the customer’s unique identification number realtime or in bulk. PiXL aadhar masking can deliver the masked aadhar on time, and it will be accurate and precise.

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PiXL Aadhaar Card Masker

The Updated RBI Masker direction on KYC guidelines makes it mandatory for its regulated entities to mask or blackout. The first 8 digits from Aadhar number of all customer’s from the Aadhar image as part of the KYC process. Our Aadhar card masking solution allows you to mask a million documents at a time.

Accuracy & Qualitative

The Process is completed in 5 sec with high accuracy by utilizing automated quality assurance.

Video KYC Solution

Supports all image formats

PiXL Aadhar masking solution supports all image formats i.e, JPEG, JPG, PDF, and PNG

Easy to Integrate

Our solution is easy to integrate, easy to use, and easy to implement

Video KYC Solution

Supports all Aadhar Formats

This solution supports m-Aadhaar, scanned copy, form with Aadhaar number printed, etc

Onboard Customer Faster

PiXL aadhaar masking solution automates the current manual process and speed up the onboarding process

Video KYC Solution

Protect Customer Privacy

Masked Aadhaar number makes sure that the data, prone to theft is hidden from miscreants and securely stored from harm

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