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Our accuracy and quality are not what we demand, it is granted by our clients with Ai Solutions.

We just don’t want to provide you with APIs or SDKs, we empathize with core business problems. We leverage cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing algorithms to ensure fast, accurate information delivery even during COVID-19 crisis, for a seamless end-to-end customer on boarding journey.

Our Promising Clients

We value them since we believe they are the foundation and adds success to our business.

Ai Solutions

Our Platform Covers Diverse Needs Of BFSI

Services we provide include KYC Classifier and Extractor, Aadhaar Card Masker, Video KYC, Document Reader, OCR Plus, Face Recognition, Video Surveillance, and Contract Verification.

We are a natural choice for future-focused fintech, enterprises, and other institutions with our Ai Solutions.

PiXL Products

Video KYC

PiXL Video KYC is an AI-driven Customer Identification and Verification solution for fintech organizations. It enables you to accelerate customer on boarding and reduce customer acquisition costs.

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KYC Classifier & Extractor

We introduce a new age AI solution that uses image processing and machine learning technologies, to automatically identify, classify, and extract KYC details and map them accordingly.

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Aadhaar Masker

Our aadhaar masking solution allows you to mask the customer’s unique identification number — real time or bulk. Thus, ensuring privacy for customers and compliance with the RBI regulations.

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Document Reader

PiXL Document Reader is a template-based document parsing system using deep learning to automate complex document processing tasks. It outperforms humans, making back-office more efficient.

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OCR Plus

PiXL OCR Plus is a document digitization platform that has better accuracy of data extraction even from low quality images. It can help you reduce labor costs and swiftly identify insights resulting in faster decision making.

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Face Recognition

PiXL face Recognition works flawlessly to verify and authenticate users for everyday transactions with face matching and face analysis. Moreover, it’s lightweight and easy to integrate with any other platforms.

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Case Studies

Case Study on SIB Bank

Sketches how PiXL.AI helped a renowned bank of South to overcome its issue. The bank maintains and stores scanned copies of such documents which are saved as images.

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Case Study on Legalease

A narration about how our product PiXL OCR Plus resolved the problem of a firm dealing in legal support services. Legal documents are needed to dealt with precision

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Case Study on PiXL.AI

A peep into how our products are capable of providing exceptional services. Empower the document processing with PiXL KYC Classifier and Extractor & PiXL Document Reader

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